Most People Don’t Realize Their Pets Are Overweight #HillsPet

Most People Don’t Realize Their Pets Are Overweight

Most People Don't Realize Their Pets Are Overweight

Did you know that over 53% of dogs and 55% of cats in the US are obese? The scary fact is however, many pet parents don’t even realize that their pet is that overweight, and so they fail to treat the issue. And even when they know there is an issue because their vet said Fido or Fluffy needs to kick the flab. If they are aware of the issue, treating this issue can be difficult, as no pet parent wants to feel like they are depriving their pet or withholding food from them.

So what is the solution for those flabby tabbies and portly poodles? The first step is that pet owners need to realize their pets are overweight. Pleasantly plump is not a good look for cats and dogs.

This cute video called One Big Kitty shares the struggle that pet owners face when trying to help their pets shed the excess weight.

Hill’s® Prescription Diet® Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution food products are the solution. With this product, you change what you feed your pet, not how you feed them. No more itty bitty portions that leave your dog or cat crying for more food. This special formula helps to activate the metabolism and regulate their appetite! At the same time, pets will still feel full and satisfied after their feedings. This product is safe, effective, and in just 60 days you can see results in your pet. Available for both cats and dogs, this proven formula provides all of the nutrients your pet needs to lose the flab and become the happy baby you love.

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The Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Weight food products line is made up of dry food options, wet food options, and even a treat line which means your pet gets to have meals you don’t feel guilty about forcing them to accept and they get to have treats too! Pets will still get the food they love and the treats they have come to count on, while with each feeding you are working your way towards a leaner, healthier pet. With this feeding system, you will never feel like you are depriving your pet.

And if that isn’t enough to sway you that this might be something your pet could benefit from…

In an at home study (one where the only thing pet owners did was change their pets food not their own feeding habbits) that included over 300 overweight pets, 88% lost weight and discovered healthier weight levels in just 60 days. This was all while being fed this line of products in the comfort of their own home. Hill’s knew that they had to test the product in a real life situation once they knew that it worked under very strictly controlled conditions. As they put it during a resent conference call I was on they pay the people in their carefully controlled feeding trials to get it right – to make sure the dog or cat is not fed a single kibble over the recommended amount so they know the pet will shed the ecess weight. On the other hand they know that pet owners aren’t as careful and that real life is never as controlled. Most pet owners don’t really measure their pet’s food they just use a scoop and eyeball in. And when they do use a measuring scoop it is never a flat measurement it is always mounded up and over the top. Or little Tommy comes home from school and while he eats his snack he thinks Fido should have one for one.


The Veterinarians, Researchers, Scientists, and everyone working at Hill’s knows all of these things because they are pet parents and these very same things happen in their own homes. Which is why they were so excited when the real life home study came back with such incredible results. The product works and it works in real life.

As you can see, any pet parent can implement this feeding system and see results. 8 out of 10 pet parents say they would recommend the Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Weight products to others, as these products have been shown to be effective in real life situations. You might not be ready to fully jump on board just yet and that is fine too it is also why Hill’s will be working with 10 Pet Bloggers over the coming months so that they can share their journey and we can share that journey with all of you. Hill’s knows YOU want to see the product in action. Those Bloggers are on their way to the vet this month in order to get their Veterinarians to sign off on the Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Advanced Weight Formula.

Pets are overweight and that trend is growing, but it does not have to be. With simply changing what you feed your pet, not how you feed them, you can help to better regulate their weight and overall health.

Metabolic Canine Kit

You can help make a change for your pet right now! For your pet’s opportunity to try Hill’s® Prescription Diet® Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution for free we’re giving away 10 Hill’s® Prescription Diet® Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution trial kits with your veterinarian’s authorization (winner’s will have to have their Veterinarian sign off before you can recieve the food). It’s a $70 value!

Canine Metabolic Starter Kit
• 1 Weight Loss Success Tote Bag
• 1 Weight Loss Success Guide
• 1 6lb bag of Metabolic dry dog food
• 2 (13oz) Metabolic Wet Food cans
• 1 (16oz) Metabolic treats
• (2) $25 coupons

Feline Metabolic Starter Kit
• 1 Weight Loss Success Tote Bag
• 1 Weight Loss Success Guide
• 1 4lb bag of Metabolic dry cat food
• 2 (5.5oz) Metabolic cans
• 1 (2.5oz) Metabolic treats
• (2) $25 coupons

To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment and tell us about your pet who can benefit from Hill’s® Prescription Diet® Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution. Be sure to include all of the required information below:
 What is your pet: dog or cat, Pet’s age, Pet’s current weight or close guess, Your name, Your email address

Most People Don’t Realize Their Pets Are Overweight

This post is sponsored by Hill’s through the BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Food, but we only share information we feel is relevant to our readers. Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this article.

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  1. My dog growing up was so overweight. I loved him to death but he was so chubby. Back then they didn’t have food like they do now.

    Now that I am married with children and have another puppy I know what to look out for.
    kristin recently posted..Silk Coconut Carrot Cake CupcakesMy Profile

  2. We’re so careful with our dog. Once the weight it on it’s so hard to get off, not to mention the damage it can do to them. 🙁
    Candace recently posted..Hosting a Successful Wine & Cheese is Easy With Canadian CheeseMy Profile

  3. One of our kitties is over weight. We have been working on his diet but it isn’t easy.
    Ellen Christian recently posted..Sore Muscle Soak Home RemedyMy Profile

  4. sounds a great give away,xx Rachel
    speedyrabbit recently posted..sunshine award and Field of Flowers AwardMy Profile

  5. One of my cats is definitely starting to get a little extra poundage. Thanks for this info.
    Mistee Dawn recently posted..Why not make tonight a Family Game Night?My Profile

  6. Interesting ideas. Did they happen to mention what to do in a multi-pet household? Our Tobey isn’t obese but he’s a little overweight. We also have 3 kids and 2 kittens — we often find him nibbling their food….and they his. We don’t have a house that’s conducive to having separate feeding areas for them so I’m curious what they suggest.

  7. I know my cat could stand to loose a few pounds, I will have to look into this food for him.
    susan recently posted..Check out the fun teaser trailer for: The Boxtrolls #TheBoxtrollsMy Profile

  8. I didn’t think my cat was overweight, but looking at his this month; I think he might be getting there. we try to only give him healthy cat food; but I think he has been sneaking into the dogs food dish. 🙁 We probably need to get him a checkup soon.
    Amber Edwards recently posted..Papa Murphy’s Pan Pizza to the rescue for Family Pizza nightMy Profile

  9. I think my Candie girl may be overweight!!! I need to cut back on how much food she eats during the day!
    Brittany C. @ Mom. Wife. Busy Life. recently posted..NeoCell Beauty Bursts Gourmet Collagen Soft Chews Review (+Giveaway – Win a $100 NeoCell Gift Certificate!)My Profile

  10. I actually make all my dogs foods. Its super easy, and that way I know exactly what he is eating. 🙂
    candice recently posted..Magic Beans // Open in Fairfield, CT!My Profile

  11. Thanks for sharing this! We really need this for a sweet cat Tiger. He is getting to be an overweight kitty! I tried getting him some other “healthy weight” cat food that he didn’t love. I think we will have to try this.
    Carly Peterson recently posted..Ideas to Stop Emotional Eating!My Profile

  12. Unfortunately, one of my dogs IS overweight – and I know! Poor thing, we are trying to make her diet and exercise more, but she is old and very stubborn!
    Jennifer @TheRebelChick recently posted..That Time I Met Chris Evans on the Set of Captain America: The Winter Soldier #CaptainAmericaMy Profile

  13. That’s so true. Our Shepherd is overweight and most people wouldn’t think so looking at him. But, according to our vet his is a good 10lbs over. With him already showing signs of hip displasia, that’s gotta stop. Can’t wait to try Hills!
    Jennifer Soltys recently posted..Anatomie Audrey Dress Giveaway #FashionistaEventsMy Profile

  14. I bet most pets are! Again, busy schedules most likely interfere with the exercise pets need, which is sad. Using a great food suited to their lifestyle, size and type is more important than ever!
    Tammi @ My Organized Chaos recently posted..Win a Trip to Disney Parks in the Pack the Magic ContestMy Profile

  15. Wow, those numbers are truly shocking! One of my cats is a tad overweight. He likes his treats for sure. We’re trying to cut back on them. Thanks for the great info!
    Mindy Grant recently posted..Master Lock “Protecting All That You Love and Care About”My Profile

  16. I have a friend whose cat was overweight. They tried all kinds of diet pet foods and feeding schedules. I’m not sure if it is still overweight but if so I will recommend Hill’s for them!
    Pam recently posted..3 tips for Better Dental Hygiene #Listerine 21 Day ChallengeMy Profile

  17. I need to share this with my aunt! Her poor dog isn’t a big eater but something must be in her food.. She has bad legs too because of it!

  18. WE put our cat on a diet and thankfully it worked. I tried to get her to excersize but she looked at me like I was crazy and walked away. I am sure the neighbors got a giggle at me trying to cheer the cat on to chase a toy
    Tammilee T recently posted..Breathtaking Zion National Park! Utah’s first National Park and one of our favorites!My Profile

  19. I don’t own any pets but, I do see chubby pets. I think they look so cute but, I can’t imagine it being healthy.

  20. michelle rattan says

    one of my dogs is overweight and it seems so hard to get the weight off.

  21. That is really cool. I think one of our dogs is a little overweight but not too bad. I wonder if he should go on diet food? Once they eat diet food and lose weight can they switch back to a regular formula when they are at a good weight?
    Nicole B recently posted..How I Get Going in the Mornings #QuakerUpMy Profile

  22. In the past, I really don’t care if my pet gets so big and obese. In fact, I find it very cuddly and cute. I also thought that the fatter my pet would be, the better I am an owner. However, I recently realized that this is actually not the case. Pets that are obese are actually at risk of developing diseases which will shorten their lifespan. The problem is that I really don’t know how to address the issue until I came across your blog. I am happy that we can serve food low in fat and carbohydrate for them without depriving them of pleasure of eating. Thanks for your post. I would surely love to try this new dog food.

  23. I’ve had quite a few over weight animals. It’s one of those things you really don’t want to see… but you know it’s happening. Love that there are foods that can help though. I want my pets to live as long as possible and be healthy!
    Heather @ It’s a Lovely Life! recently posted..Sea Life Aquarium’s New Exhibit Jellyfish Discovery Now Open!My Profile

  24. I have two dogs. One of them is fine but I think the other one is overweight.
    Melissa recently posted..Sol Republic Tracks Air Wireless Noise-Isolating HeadphonesMy Profile

  25. Often people get confused with having a pet fat it means is healthy and that couldn’t be farther from the truth. That can bring heart problems and more serious problems.

    We have to watch what kind of food they eat and the schedule as you mentioned. Thank you for sharing such an important information.
    Pawsitively Humane recently posted..Miami Dade County Launches TNG for Homeless CatsMy Profile

  26. Two rescued King Charles Cavilier Spanials, Chloe age 11 – 25 lbs, Charlie age 9 – 30 lbs. Chloe has an enlarged heart, takes vetimen, and would eat 24/7. Charlie is more of a picky eater and strongly resists any change to his diet. Both were rescued from puppy mills, Charlie was beaten severely and lived in a cage until he was rescued about two years ago. He had no clue he was a dog but has quickly learned from Chloe . He takes thyroid pills. Chloe only has two teeth but she is game to eat/ swallow anything.

  27. Obsessiveness is very dangerous in case of pets.. you need top keep the diet and his physical workout in check and thats what i try with my siberian husky. Every week or two, i do a weight check for him and see if he’s not putting on some extra pounds.
    alex white recently posted..What To Feed Your Siberian HuskyMy Profile

  28. When we adopted our third dog last summer, he was obese. He’s slimmed down, but it hasn’t been easy. What was harder to accept is that one of my other dogs was a little chunky and I am the one to blame for that! I didn’t really notice until my vet said something to me about her being overweight.
    Beth | recently posted..Adopt Me: RolphMy Profile


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