#SayitwithMilkBone 3 Fun Upcycled DIY Dog Treat Boxes

Even Children Can #SayitwithMilkBone 3 Fun Upcycled DIY Dog Treat Boxes

Even Children Can #SayitwithMilkBone 3 Fun Upcycled DIY Dog Treat Boxes

As soon as I was chosen to work with Milk-Bone on this Valentine’s Day campaign I knew that I wanted to keep it simple and fun. I also knew that I wanted to use material that I already had here at the house because I know not everyone can afford to pick up a box of Milk-Bone Dog Biscuits(r) and crafting supplies no matter how much they love their dogs. I also wanted this craft to be fun and easy enough for children to do for their dogs!

I took a look around and of course the first thing I saw in front of me was an almost empty tissue box. Being cold and flu season you likely have one around your house somewhere if not several boxes waiting to take to recycling. A box of tissues as I found out can fit an entire box of medium Milk-Bone inside which means that you aren’t exactly going to travel with it to the dog park or to visit grandma and grandpa’s house. While I was waiting for the first layers of paint to dry I went into the kitchen to look for something for lunch and what did I see but an empty small box that had rice from the Chinese Restaurant. It was the perfect size and shape for a traveling box of goodies! I left it open for any remaining rice to dry out and started painting the outside of the box.

#SayitwithMilkBone 3 Fun Upcycled DIY Dog Treat Boxes

Supplies Needed:
Tissue Box
Small Chinese Take Out Container
White Paint
Red Paint
Blue Paint
Box of Milk-Bone Dog Biscuits
Paint Brushes
Bowl or cup to mix your paint

foam shapes to glue on
Magazine cut outs

#SayitwithMilkBone 3 Fun Upcycled DIY Dog Treat Boxes

As I said I wanted to not only create a fun project out of things you might find around your house but I wanted this activity to be something that children could do for their dogs and maybe even learn along the way. I have 3 bottles of paint white, red, and blue. Do not cut off the plastic around the opening of the box. It will help keep your hands clean while painting the box because you can stick your hand inside and the plastic makes it to that the opening is not as wide and keeps your hand inside the box. I started by priming the tissue box with white paint so that you could not see the design of the box. It is best to let each layer of paint dry or the box will get soft. Tissue boxes are made from very thin cardboard and too much wet paint at once didn’t mix well with the box. Once the box is covered in a few layers of white paint I poured red paint into the bowl of white to create my Pink. You could just go with red because after all it is Valentine’s Day but I like the look of pink better. For the Chinese Take Out Box I started with the pink because the design on the box was red and easier to cover up. If pink is not your color you could paint your boxes purple or even baby blue if your dogs are boys. I wanted to paint purple hearts on the box but my paint brush was way too thick and just did not look good.

Milk-Bone DIY Dog Treat Boxes

It might take a few layers of paint depending on your paint and the design you are trying to cover up. Once you are happy with the look of your box let it dry for several hours. I used non toxic tempera paint but even still I made sure the room was well ventilated while painting.

While it is drying you can decide on how to decorate it. I kept mine very simple by cutting up the box the Milk-Bones came in and using the Milk-Bone logo both as decoration and to identify what is inside of the box. If the child is really young you might have to help with this as the box is cardboard so I had to use pretty sharp scissors to cut it with. You could also have your child look through a magazine and cut out images about love or their dog’s favorite things. If you want to use glitter I would do so very sparingly as it could get all over the treats which wouldn’t be a great thing. If you have foam letters you could put your dog’s name on the box or the word love or even dog treats. Let your child get creative. Your dog will love the special gift no matter what and your child will love that they got to make something special for their best friend.

Now that your treat box is finished place the contents of one regular sized Milk-Bone Biscuits box in a plastic bag so that they stay fresh. Cut off the plastic around the opening of the box and place the cookies inside. You might have to put the bag in first and pour the cookies in once the bag is in place. For picture purposes I did not put our cookies in a plastic bag first but to keep your Milk-Bone Biscuits fresh you should do so.

The possibilities are endless for your DIY Dog Treat Boxes! We would love to be see what you and your children come up with.

You might notice that there are little plastic eggs in the pictures. I realized that with all this treat eating that the dogs need something that would make them work for their treat. My dogs are older and no longer in the tear everything apart phase so I took a few plastic eggs and put a Milk-Bone inside. Davinia and Indiana both had fun trying to get the Biscuit out. If you have smaller dogs and they will not chew up the plastic this is a fun game to play. Do not leave your dog unattended with this. But supervised play can be very rewarding. Just put a single small Milk-Bone inside of a plastic egg and let your dog try to get it out. They will have to think and work at it but it can be done. The video above is Indiana trying to get at her Milk-Bone.

This post is a part of the Milk-Bone 10 days of love campaign where chosen bloggers will be sharing their ideas with you about how you can present Milk-Bone Biscuits to your dog this Valentine’s Day. Make sure to come back daily to check out the other craft ideas!

From now until February 13th Milk-Bone is having a contest to win some really big prizes. The first way to win is to pick up a box of Milk-Bone Biscuits with the Find Love Inside branding on the box. If you find a Red Colored Milk Bone with the word LOVE on it you win $1,000. If you are nto a winner there is a second chance to win by visiting http://blogp.ws/Milk-BoneContest for your chance to win $1,000 and year supply of Milk-Bone Biscuits.

This post is sponsored by Milk-Bone on behalf of the BlogPaws Blogger Network (. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about The Say It with Milk-Bone Campaign, but we only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Milk-Bone is not responsible for the content of this post.

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  9. Awe, now that is super cute! I love these adorable boxes that give a little glam for your dog. 🙂

  10. Jessica Sala-Bonin says:

    Aww! These are very cute!

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