How to Prepare Your Dog For Spring

How to Prepare Your Dog For Spring

Winter will soon be a distant memory and spring will be in full force. Get your dog ready for the change of season so he can enjoy it in a way that is healthy and happy! Take a peek below at a few simple steps that you can take to prepare your dog for spring and enjoy the best one yet. It is easier than you think and these small steps make a big difference. Check them out!

How to Prepare Your Dog For Spring

1. Head to the vet.
Go in for a good check up so you can be sure your dog is ready to enjoy the great outdoors. Make sure vaccines, flea medications, and other necessary precautions are all up to date. Plus if you haven’t been using heart worm medication now is the time to make sure everything is ok and start back up but in order to do that you need a prescription from your vet.

2. Begin to increase the exercise.
Once the weather turns nicer, your dog will be enjoying more outdoor time. Try to gradually incorporate more exercise so that your dog becomes use to it. Once they have the chance to really get active, it won’t hit their body with such unfamiliarity.

3. Scope out the new play areas.
Ask around about any dog parks, puppy play groups, or other fun activities that may be happening. This way, you can start planning what activities you will enjoy and learn what you will need in order to participate.

4. Check the leash and collar.
If you haven’t used your leash a great deal in the winter, now is the time to give it a good once over and buy a new one if needed. It is also a great time to think about a new collar. Check and make sure it still fits well but comfortably and that it is still in safe usable condition. If there are frayed edges or rust on the d-ring. If the collar is too loose or too tight and you can no longer adjust it splurge for a new collar and while you are at it make sure your dog’s tags are still readable.

5. Prepare for FUN!
Spending time with your dog outdoors during the spring season can be just as fun for you as it is him. Grab some cozy clothes, good tennis shoes, sunscreen, and get ready for some fun. Dig out the dog toys that have found their way under your bed and on the couch and take them outside for some fun in the fresh spring air!

How Do You Prepare Your Dog For Spring?

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  1. I dont’ cook but this sounds so easy I may try it.
    BJ Pup recently posted..GOOD NEWS – Cockfighting Ring BustedMy Profile

  2. The FUN part , we are waiting so much for that!
    YourSpecialDog recently posted..Dog hair loss disease | What is Alopecia X ?My Profile

  3. We LOVE springtime! Usually, I work in my flowerbeds and Bentley lays in the exact spot that I am weeding. Then, he brings me some of the bulbs that he rescued from the dirt. It is my favorite time of the year. Probably because it is a respite before the 105 degree days. : )
    M. K. Clinton recently posted..Indigo FreshMy Profile

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