How to Clean Dog Toys – Simple Steps to Keep Your Dog Healthy

How to Clean Dog Toys – Simple Steps to Keep Your Dog Healthy

I am sure you have seen commercials where the teacher or parent is cleaning children’s toys but what about dog toys? Do dog toys need to be cleaned and if so how can you clean them?

Your dog’s toys can be the same way if they are well played with, often becoming quite dirty and a breeding ground for bacteria. Instead of tossing these toys or letting them accumulate germs any further, why not give them a good wash once a week? Doing so is a great way to keep them newer longer, and to keep your dog healthy as well. It is not difficult to do, so take a look below at some simple steps for how to clean dog toys.

How to Clean Dog Toys - Simple Steps to Keep Your Dog Healthy

How to Clean Dog Toys

1. Start up the dishwasher.
Plastic and rubber toys may be able to go on the top rack of your dishwasher. Use a mild detergent and avoid the heated drying cycle. Dirt and debris will come right off and germs will be washed away with the hot suds. If you worry about the chemicals in the detergent why not opt for something more natural or skip the detergent all together. Let them sit in a pot with some dish soap first and rinse them off and put tin the dishwasher for the regular full cycle just leave out the detergent. All soap scum will be gone and any chance of chemicals will not be an issue.

2. Turn on the laundry machine.
Soft toys such as dolls and stuffed animals can be tossed right in your washing machine. Again, use a mild soap and avoid any high temperature drying that may cause damage. The dirt will wash away and your dog’s toy will look like new! If you are worried abut the toy breaking apart set the machine to a gentle cycle and place the toys in a sock bag. The toys will get clean and you will worry less that Fifo’s favorite toy will get ruined. Want a natural solution that will get rid of the dirt, stains, and food without harming your dog? Check out this DIY Natural Laundry Detergent. If you are still worried put the toys through a second time leaving out any detergent and all remnants will be removed for their toys.

3. Give them a soak.
For a milder approach, fill a sink with hot water and let sit. Drain the dirty water and this time add this Simple DIY All Purpose Cleaner that is safe and non toxic. Let the toys soak for about an hour. Remove them and rinse them clean with warm water. You can then let them air dry or dry by hand with a soft cloth.

See how easy it is to keep your pups toys clean? Give these options a try and enjoy a healthy dog and toys that look like you just bought them.

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  1. I never thought of putting plastic/rubber toys in the dishwasher! Excellent suggestion. We are new to “dishwasher-ville” as we just installed our very first dishwasher in our house. We’ve always done everything by hand until now. 1,001 uses for your dishwasher! Cool!
    Kathy recently posted..Car-chasing hound – do you have a reactive or fearful dog?My Profile

  2. I will remember these tips, thanks!
    Lauranne recently posted..A ‘bingo’wing and a prayer!My Profile

  3. Just remember not to put them in the dryer if they have squeakers and if they are talking toys, the washer will kill the talking. They do need to be cleaned occasionally, though. Good post!
    emma recently posted..A Dog, A Cat, and Uh Oh, Wabbit What? | GBGV | Tasty TuesdayMy Profile

  4. Great tips and thanks for the cleaning DIY recipes! Since Bentley is a drooler, we wash our toys frequently! Thanks for the tips!
    M. K. Clinton recently posted..May I Have The Envelope Please?My Profile

  5. I’m guessing some people actually have toys that last long enough to get dirty?
    What a concept! 🙂
    saved by dogs recently posted..English Bull Terrier Book: Gracie’s MemoirMy Profile

  6. I was wondering about the squeakers and voice boxes. Thank you Emma. BOL!! How do you dry the squeaky stuffies so that they don’t mildew inside, or ruin the squeaker?
    PepperPom recently posted..What Was Your Human’s First Pet?My Profile

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