5 Ways to Save on Dog Food

5 Ways to Save on Dog Food

Tips from a Country Dog to help you save money while keeping your dogs happy and healthy

Dog food is an expense you obviously can’t avoid when owning a dog. But luckily, there are ways to cut that expense back. You can still buy your dog the high quality, tasty food he enjoys without spending an arm and a leg. Take a look below at five simple ways to save money on dog food. This year, keep a little extra cash in your pocket while still feeding your dog his favorite vittles.

Here are our Tips on Way to Save on Dog Food!

5 Ways to Save on Dog Food

1. Get on “the list.”

Be sure you are on the mailing list of your favorite dog food brand. To do this, simply visit their website and sign up for their mailing list. You will start getting emails and snail mail in no time. You will be the first to know about special offers, coupons, samples and more. It only takes a minute and it is a great way to save.

2. Give them a “like.”

Like your favorite dog food brand on Facebook so you can get information and savings right in your newsfeed. You will also have the chance to print any Facebook coupons the company may be offering. You won’t see this info unless you “like” them, so hop on Facebook and give it a try.

3. Give them some praise.

Send an email or letter to your favorite dog food company singing their praises. Tell them you are a loyal customer and would love any savings they have available. Chances are they will be happy to send you some special, high value coupons as a thank you. This is the easiest way to save. Pet Food Brands love customer feedback and if they have a coupon available they will send you one. It will not always be huge savings but it generally will be a little something to say thanks for being a loyal customer.

4. Price match.

Be sure to scan your local Sunday paper to see what the prices are of dog food in your area. Many stores price match, saving you a trip from running store to store. If your favorite food is on sale at a store that is not nearby, see if your local store will price match. They may even offer an extra 10% off.

5. Watch those catalinas.

Catalinas are the coupons that print out with your receipt. Many times the catalinas print coupons according to what you buy often. If you buy dog products often, chances are some dog food coupons will print out. Next time don’t toss this piece of paper, give it a good look and see what savings it offers. Even if it is not the brand you normally buy don’t just toss it. Offer it to a friend or purchase a bag of the food for your local shelter. Don’t like either of those options offer it to the person checking you out of the store they will be thankful for the savings and generally know someone that would love to put it to use.

These are 5 easy ways to save on dog food that anyone can try. What are some other ways that you save on food while giving you dog the best quality possible?

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  1. Jessica Sala-Bonin says

    I shop at petco and for every $100 we spend we get a $5 off voucher which can be combined with coupons as well 🙂 i sign up for wellness email newsletters and get a $3 off coupon monthly 🙂

  2. Some great tips, it is always good to save money 🙂
    YourSpecialDog recently posted..The seventh dogMy Profile

  3. Some great ideas there. Thanks!
    Dina Mom recently posted..Training ThursdayMy Profile

  4. thanks for these tips! I never thought of these! You have a great site. Thanks again for helping me at The BlogPaws Twitter party.

    Jody Cowan recently posted..Kaluha Cake BitesMy Profile

  5. some good tips there
    speedyrabbit recently posted..We say good bye to our friend Nina todayMy Profile

  6. Hey Felissa! Thanks for these wonderful ideas to save on dog food. Never knew even a FB like will change the game! If I knew this earlier I’d have not just liked but shared a million pet supply pages! I guess my pup will go obese in a short while! So, I’ll be soon back here to get some fitness tips for my pooch!

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