How to Rid the House of Dog Fur Before Company Arrives

How to Rid the House of Dog Fur Before Company Arrives

How to Rid the House of Dog Fur Before Company Arrives

The arrival of the holidays mean you will probably have guests coming and going in your home quite often. All of this traffic often results in the house needing a good cleaning, which might cause you to turn to over the top solutions for help. Before you rent a backhoe to get rid of the dog fur take a minute to see the situation isn’t that desperate. In fact you don’t even need to go out and buy every chemical cleaner on the planet. Before the first guest rings the doorbell your house can be in top notch shape without the use of harsh chemicals!

Why is it time to say goodbye to harsh chemicals? Harsh chemicals can cause burns, eye irritation, paw irritation, and assortment of other uncomfortable ailments for you and your your pet. Instead, why not take a natural route? There are plenty of ways to keep your home clean and pet friendly at the same time. Take a look below how some pet friendly holiday cleaning ideas for you to try!

How to Rid the House of Dog Fur Before Company Arrives

1. Read your product labels.
Try to stick to products that have ingredients you can pronounce. Look for natural ingredients like essential oils and plant based products. If a label is hard to read or tells you to use the product with caution around children and pets, don’t buy it.

In fact why not make your own cleaning products? This way you know that the ingredients are safe for both babies and pets. If you make your own cleaning products you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals and you will save money in the process. Check out these recipes for DIY Simple all Purpose Cleaner DIY Furniture Polish

2. Label all bottles.
If you make your own cleaners, or even if you don’t, be sure all bottles are labeled. While dogs can’t read, this will at least help the humans in the house know which bottle is which and put any harmful items up and out of reach.

3. Behold the power of vinegar.
Vinegar can get all sorts of dirty jobs done and is a natural way to clean to. Simply spray vinegar in place of household cleaners and you will see not only a clean surface, but a chemical free one as well. If you are like me and can’t stand the smell of vinegar you can mask the scent using this DIY Cleaning Green formula.

4. Ventilate.
When using any cleaner natural or chemical, be sure to keep a window cracked or even fan going to ventilate. You want to keep fresh air flowing so that you and your dog does not experience irritation to his eyes or lungs. You should crack a window winter, spring, summer, or fall to help get the fumes out of the house face the fan towards the window so that it blows the fumes out and doesn’t allow in as much cold air.

5. Clear the house.
If you are doing some heavy duty cleaning that involves moving furniture or large items, have your children and pets visit with a friend for a few hours. This way, there is no chance of him getting nosy, nervous, or confused thus resulting in anxiety or injury. If your pet has a crate they can stay in while you deep clean this is another option. However even if you are using all natural and DIY cleaners you will still want to make sure everything is dry before allowing your pet to walk around the house again. You don’t want them to get he product on their paws and then lick them.

6. Remove all trash.
When collecting trash, take the bags out to the curb or garage as soon as possible. Dogs love to rummage, and if there is anything of interest in that bag, they will find it. Remove the temptation by removing the bag.

7. Use air fresheners and candles sparingly.
You might be tempted to load up on air fresheners or candles to mask dirt and scents. Instead, try natural cleaners that leave a fresh scent and skip the gimmicks as they could pose a threat to your pet. These products are often filled with a great deal of chemicals, and candles of course pose a burn risk.

8. Give your dog a bath!
Maybe this should be step 1 but I will include it here since you will probably read all the way through the list prior to starting to Rid the House of Dog Fur Before Company Arrives. Give your dog a bath. Not only will this get rid of any dirt your dog might have picked up since their last bath but will help get rid of any dead fur as well as getting rid of that dirty dog smell. Bathing Tip? shampoo wash and then shampoo again to help get rid of the wet dog smell.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Rid the House of Dog Fur Before Company Arrives. Give these tips a try and see how easy it really is. Your pet is sure to thank you!

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  1. O that’s a very useful post Felissa , thank you so much for sharing
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  2. Great tips! I agree that giving a bath before company stops by can really cut down on shedding…but I still think I might need that bulldozer 🙂

  3. Suggestions are great, especially on the No-No about using air fresheners since they do not really keep odor away and the dog can be harmed for these.

  4. With my sisters fur, we need a front end loader and a dump truck. As for smell, Critterzone is a wonder!
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