How to Organize a Charity Event for Your Favorite Shelter or Rescue

How to Organize a charity event for Your Favorite Shelter or Rescue: Dos and Don’ts

If you have a great idea for organizing a charity event for your favorite shelter or rescue, didn’t be deterred if you haven’t started the planning and the holidays are upon us. With some quick action you can get your event planned properly and start a base for making it bigger and better next year. Here are some Dos and Don’ts of organizing a charity event for your favorite charity.

How to Organize a Charity Event for Your Favorite Shelter or Rescue

How to Organize a Charity Event for Your Favorite Shelter or Rescue

DO research any charity you wish to work with.
DON’T assume that all charities or non-profit organizations are legitimate. This is the season for giving- and taking- and thieves will use charities as a way to get your money.

Do contact the board of the charity to see if they would be interested in your help.
Don’t just go off and throw a charity event without the knowledge of the recipient. They might already have something planned or have another idea and would love to have your help in pulling it off.

DO narrow it down to one charity and determine if there is one in your area for what you’d like to support.
DON’T try to help too many charities at one time. This will only confuse donors and stress you out in the process.

If a charity does not exist for what you’d like to support, DO work with people in the community to create one.
DON’T just assume you know all the laws and can get the donations to the people that need it. If you haven’t created the charity properly beforehand, you could be breaking the law or you may not have anywhere to take the donations.

Do figure out who you would like to help support and find out what they need. While all charities want money there might be other items you could help them obtain.
Especially when throwing an event for a shelter don’t just create a list on your own be sure to speak with the Shelter Director and other worker to find out what they need. It might be kitty litter or dog food or it might be blankets now that the temperatures have dropped.

DO create a committee that can help you.
DON’T do all the work on your own. Nothing will get accomplished very fast and you will stress yourself.

DO promote your event.
DON’T rely on word of mouth.

DO consider hosting a party or entertaining event to discuss the upcoming fundraiser. People love parties and this will be a great way to promote your event.
DON’T just depend on ads. Promote, Promote, Promote.

DO contact the media.
DON’T just assume they will be interested in you. Charities are a dime a dozen during the holidays, so you have to make yourself known to the media.

DO set up a social site or webpage.
DON’T just rely on friends and family, ads, and the media. You need to have an online presence every day to keep interest generated.

DO print out fliers and pass them around.
DON’T pass up any opportunity for publicity.

DO have a clearly defined goal and mission statement.
DON’T make things too confusing or donors will walk away in favor of a more put-together charity.

What shelter or rescue or other cause in your area would you like to throw a Charity Event for?

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