ASPCA #SantaPaws Twitter Chat 12/18 7 – 8pm Eastern

ASPCA #SantaPaws Twitter Chat 12/18 7 – 8pm Eastern

ASPCA #SantaPaws

Join us as we Co-Host the #SantaPaws Twitter Party with the ASPCA to talk about everything pets and saying no to Puppy and Kitten Mills! Before you come and hang out with us you have to RSVP so that you are eligible to win!

You should never, ever buy a puppy or kitten that is sold at a pet store. Most pet store puppies and kittens come from puppy and kitten mills, large scale breeding operations where dogs and cats live in horrible conditions and never receive love. Well, every time you buy a pet store that sells puppies, you’re actually supporting this very cruel industry even if you are just trying to “rescue” that one sick, sad, or desperate little one you are helping to support an industry based in cruelty.

Where the breeding animal never get out of their tiny cage. They never set foot on grass or play in the rain or jump in piles of fall leaves. The breeding animals at Puppy and Kitten Mills have their babies ripped from them even before they are fully weaned. They are lucky if there is heat and air conditioning in the building where they spend their lives. And when they stop being productive enough they are sold at auction sick, scared, and hungry to the next location that will take them in and breed them some more.

It is time to say no to Puppy Mill and Kitten Mill babies as Christmas gifts. If your family has made the very big and important decisions that go along with bringing a puppy or kitten into your life this Christmas do the responsible thing. DO your research to find the right breed for you and then go in search of the healthiest happiest puppy or kitten you can find.

If you agree that it is time to see an end to Puppy Mill Puppies and Kittens for Christmas join us Wednesday 12/11 from 7 -8 pm for the ASPCA #SantaPaws Twitter Chat and win prizes to help keep your dog or cat entertained during the cold winter season!

Don’t forget to RSVP here and follow The ASPCA @ASPCA, Two Little Cavaliers @FelissaHadas,and our other co-hosts The Fluffington Post @thefluffpo, and Tails Pet Magazine

We hope to see you all there.

Mark Your Calendar! ASPCA #SantaPaws Twitter Chat 12/18 7 – 8pm Eastern

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  1. That is very cruel and bad , but unfortunately that is true and we should stop this. We should love more our animals 🙂
    YourSpecialDog recently posted..Simba the lazy dogMy Profile

  2. good luck,we won’t be joining you except in spirit as we don’t do twitter,xx Speedy
    speedyrabbit recently posted..Christmas Count Down December 9thMy Profile

  3. I got the email and will be there!
    Caren Gittleman recently posted..Book Review:My Life With Snoopy by Joey Camen and a World-Wide Give-Away!My Profile

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