How to Save Money on Getting your Dogs Nails Trimmed

How to Save Money on Getting your Dogs Nails Trimmed

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Just like humans need their nails trimmed, dogs do as well to stay healthy. It is important to have their nails trimmed on a regular basis, and for many they feel the need to have a professional help with this task. Because there is a bleeding risk when nails are cut, taking your dog to a groomer or vet is the best way to get your dog’s nails trimmed, but is it the cheapest? Usually not. Below, you will find 5 ways to save money on getting your dogs nails trimmed so you can still enjoy a great doggy manicure for less.

1. See if a bulk discount is offered.
It may cost you $10 each time your dog has his nailed trimmed, but your groomer may offer a bulk discount. For example, they may offer 5 sessions for $40. Ask your preferred nail trimmer if a bulk discount is offered so you can take advantage of it.

2. Look for fundraisers.
Sometimes, local shelters will offer nail trimming for a donation if they are trying to raise money for a certain pet related cause. Call your local shelters and see if any sort of service or event is coming up. If your local shelter knows there is desire in the community for this service they very well may include it as a service at their next vaccination clinic. Be sure one you know what date this is happening to put it on your schedule. This way, you get a trim for a donation of your choice and help animals in need.

How to Save Money on Getting your Dog’s Nails Trimmed

3. Ask about discount days.
A local groomer in our area offers “Toenail Tuesdays” where all walk in nail trimmings are just $5. Ask around to see if there is anyone offering a discount to get your dogs nails trimmed in your area. You might have better luck asking at the local dog park then taking to the yellow pages for this one. This way, you can be sure to already have a recommendation for the groomer and they know you were referred by a loyal customer so you can reserve your nail trimmings on those days.

4. Look for coupons for getting your dogs nails trimmed.
Chain store pet groomers often offer coupons via their website and home mailers. Visit these websites to see if printable coupons are available as well as to sign up for their mailing list. You are sure to find some savings.

5. Just ask!
Sometimes, if you just ask your vet while on a routine visit they will be happy to do it at no charge. Ask if it is included in the check up and if so, take advantage of it. Most vets will include it in their annual check up and if you are a regular client will also do it free of charge while your dogs are boarded with them.

Your dog can enjoy short, groomed nails for less when you give these tips a try. Which one have you been able to take advantage of? Do you know of another option for to get your dog’s nails trimmed cheap?

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  1. I love some of those suggestions – especially the shelter ones. I hope they do something similar over here – will have to start asking my local rescues! I’m not brave enough to cut my dogs nails – the one time I tried cutting my cairns hair I ended up cutting his stomach with the scissors, I still feel sick when I think about it! My collie is easier and lies there while I cut him, cut his tangles out he likes been cut!
    Lauranne recently posted..not my morningMy Profile

  2. The best thing is to start trimming them often as a puppy, so the learn to deal with it and then do it yourself. Keep them short all the time so the quick doesn’t grow, then you have a time consuming problem. If you are afraid to trim, get a dremel, lots of treats and patience.
    emma recently posted..Bunny Luv | GBGV | Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  3. Such good tips! Mila doesn’t struggle when I trim them myself, however I have yet to find clippers or grinders that do a good job in my opinion. I find that so many crush her nails, and there is awkward splintering etc. Just not a clean cut and I’m willing to pay the money to have someone do them well.

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