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New Guinea Singing Dogs

New Guinea Singing dogs
The New Guinea singing dog is a wild dog once found throughout New Guinea. Little is known about this native dogs in their natural habitat as they are found in very rugged terrain. The people of New Guinea often hear them singing but rarely spot one. New Guinea singing dogs are named for their unique vocalization.

Current genetic research indicates that the ancestors of New Guinea dingoes were probably taken overland through present day China to New Guinea by travelers. In 1956, Albert Speer and J.P. Sinclair obtained a pair of singing dogs in the Lavanni Valley of New Guinea. The dogs were sent to Sir Edward Hallstrom who had set up a native animal study center within the country, and then on to the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia. Most of the New Guinea Singing Dogs in captivity today came from this first pair take out of their natural habitat.

Compared to other species the New Guinea singing dog is described as relatively short-legged and broad-headed with their heads being wider then the rest of their body. The limbs and spine of these dogs are very flexible, and they can spread their legs sideways to 90°. They can also rotate their front and hind paws more than domestic dogs, which enables them to climb trees with thick bark or branches that can be reached from the ground. While they can climb and enjoy doing so they are not expert climbers. They do however climb and jump so enclosures have to be built very well in order to keep them in.

These dogs are not house pets and would not do well in a family environment or with other dogs. They are highly territorial and still very much like their wild brothers and sisters. They are not human aggressive in fact they are shy and mild mannered which is why they might have lived within villages in New Guinea. In captivity these native dogs thrive on a diet of lean raw meat diets based on poultry, beef, elk, deer, and bison.

Pet Bloggers Blog Hop

Pet Bloggers Blog Hop
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