School Lunch Idea Puppy Themed Bento Box


School Lunch Idea Puppy Themed Bento Box

School Lunch Idea Puppy Themed Bento Box
We know that after a few months of bringing lunch to school things get rather boring but the choices are sort of limited when your child has no way to reheat their food or really keep it cold. Which is why we decided that we would help you come up with a creative and exciting school lunch idea that you will have fun making and your child will have fun eating. Bento Boxes are all the rage right now but unless you have hours a day to spend on creating them it is unlikely that you will ever make any of those amazing ones you have been pinning. Consider this a #Lifehack you will be the cool mom and it will not take you much longer then making the same old boring school lunch. Plus it will be a conversation starter about their puppy at home or what funny thing their puppy did last night. You could even put a paw print at the end of the menu as your dog’s signature. Plus Bento boxes are a great way to store lunches especially when they will be sitting out for hours before lunch time. The built in compartments keep food nice and tidy, they’re much more fun than using a zip-lock bag, and can be used over and over again reducing waste.

Check out this bento box inspired by all things fur baby. The dog bones in the middle compartment are created with a simple sandwich and string cheese. Pair these with carrot collars and apple frisbees and you’ve got a well-rounded lunch!

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School Lunch Idea Puppy Themed Bento Box
Need some school lunch ideas to keep things exciting for your child for lunch? Check out this puppy inspired Bento Box and tell us what you think. We know all the other kids in class will go home and ask their mom's to make them one too.
Cuisine: American
Recipe type: Kid Friendly
Serves: 1
  • Strawberry Jam
  • Cream cheese or low fat Neufchatel cheese
  • 2 pieces of sandwich bread
  • 1 string cheese
  • 1 large carrot
  • 1 apple
  • Toothpicks
  • Dog bone cookie cutter (Amazon has a great selection of dog-themed cookie cutters)
  • 1 shot glass or small plastic medicine cup
  1. Dog Bone Sandwiches - Spread equal parts strawberry jam and cream cheese evenly on two pieces of sandwich bread. Gently press the sandwich down and use the cookie cutter to cut 2 or 3 dog bones. Gently pressing the sandwich before using the cookie cutter will help you get a clean cut.
  2. Dog Bone String Cheese - Cut two 1 inch pieces off the string cheese. Use a knife to cut the two smaller pieces so they resemble the ends of a bone. (Think of it like the top of a heart shape, without the pointed ‘V’ at the bottom) Cut a toothpick in half and use it to secure the smaller pieces of cheese to the remaining larger portion.
  3. Carrot Collars - Wash and peel a large carrot and cut it lengthwise into ½ inch or thinner sticks. Use half of a toothpick to secure the ends together. Careful not to cut the strips too thin or the toothpicks won’t stay put.
  4. Apple Frisbees - Start by sitting the apple upright and slice it starting from the outside. Discard the innermost slices that have seeds. Lay the sliced pieces flat and use a shot glass or small plastic medicine cup to cut out small circles. Repeat this on each slice of apple.
Don't forget to add a handwritten or typed menu so that your child knows what each thing is!
You can get as creative as you want with the sides but we wanted to use things that if the dog knocked your child's lunch off the counter or you serve this as a lunch at home one day and your child decides to share there is nothing that can harm your dog.


If this School Lunch Idea appeals to you make sure you leave us a comment letting us know! We are very interested in your feedback and if you like what you see and would love more Puupy / Dog Themed Bento Boxes for School Lunch Ideas make sure you comment, share, tweet, email a friend, Pin on Pinterest so that we know you are interested and we will be sure to post more.

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  1. This is adorable!
    emma recently posted..Halloween Baking for Puppies | GBGV | Tasty TuesdayMy Profile

  2. This is cute but I often think when I see this how much food is wasted for something like this. Think about all the “scraps” that you would throw out from cutting these things with cookie cutters. Out of all the things we do wasting food for some reason this really bothers me even more to think that so much more is wasted to make our food look cute.

  3. Harvey Button says

    Oh my is going Squeee this is just SO inventive. Happy the kid whith a fun lunchbox making Mum.

  4. Dar Missy my bumbly paws wanted to say thank you for an awesome Smiley post too.

  5. That is very cute. I first thought it was a bento box for dogs and I thought it was a lot of work for something that won’t be appreciated!

  6. I love, love, love this idea….shared on FB. I wanted to pin it but don’t care for the lengthy ads hitched to everyone’s blog. Too bad bloggers don’t note this problem as not all are bloggers 🙂

  7. How cute is that! At first I thought it was a Bento box for dogs, however this is so much sweeter!
    maggie recently posted..Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop- After the WalkMy Profile

  8. Nice idea. My teens will enjoy this for a afternoon snack!
    Cinnnamon recently posted..Wordless Wednesday!!My Profile

  9. Super cute! I love bento’s 🙂 Glad they’ve caught on in the states! Happy WW!
    Nailah Bone recently posted..Venetian Pool: Puppy Paws in the PoolMy Profile

  10. Brilliant idea for fussy kids or children with learning difficulties that love their pet dog.

  11. Not only would that make great kid lunches but it would make a great lunch for your fur kids when you are out for a walk in the park or somewhere. I think that is a very cute idea and we are going to make some for our house.
    carma Poodale recently posted..WW: Loving Watching MaMy Profile

  12. This is hilarious and wonderful all at once. 🙂 It took me a minute to realize that it was really a kids’ lunch, not for a dog. 🙂
    Flea recently posted..Birthday Giveaway!My Profile

  13. OH my, they’re cute!!
    Rosey recently posted..Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  14. Very ingenious & a great way to get those non-fur babies gobbling up their food. Wonderful idea. Like the carrot collars & apple dog toys….. Happy WW BlogHop

  15. What a cute idea- Bento Box lunches all the rage here and who doesn’t love puppies. Very original. X TH

  16. I’m always looking for creative lunch box ideas. This is so cute. My daughter would love it.

  17. I loved this detail on bento, particularly the fact you mentioned that what kind of nutrients go into a bento.Thanks a lot of providing info.

  18. That is too cute. I adore this fabulous idea. Kids must really like this.
    becca recently posted..@Chewy Makes Playing Fun #PetsMy Profile

  19. Oh now that is just too cute. I’m going to have to get creative in the kitchen more and make some Puppy Themed Bento Box’s for the grand kids. I’m sure they would eat their lunches if I did.

  20. My kids would love something like this. I am always trying to find new ways to make lunches fun and delicious.

  21. Oh this is just fantastic! I would love to do something like this for my kiddos, we are all huge doggie lovers in my house! They’d love this.

  22. This is such a great idea … This Puppy Bento Box is so cute and compact!
    Lorane recently posted..Don is Don! In comes the “Lyrical Don” with a Brand New One, called “Progress.”My Profile

  23. This is just too cute! My youngest is really picky and so I have to try to find ways to make his lunch fun and I just know he would love this!
    Jeannette recently posted..Discovering a Tasty New Way to Start My DayMy Profile

  24. That is such a cute idea! I love Bento Boxes, and this would totally make kids want to each their lunch!

  25. Aww what a fun surprise for the kids’ lunch boxes! I love that dog bone string cheese.

  26. What a great idea when the time comes for back to school to get kids motivated and excited!

  27. So creative! This definitely plays a big role in whether they will eat their lunch or not!

  28. This is so cute! What a fun lunch idea! Thanks for linking up with Merry Monday.

  29. So very cute and clever! What sweet little lunch:)
    Thanks for sharing!
    The TOHOT team.
    Jemma recently posted..Thoughts Of Home On Thursday #23My Profile

  30. Such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing with the Delicious Dishes Recipe party this week.


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