How to Save Money on Dog Clothes

How to Save Money on Dog Clothes

Tips from a country dog

With the cooler weather settling in, you may have noticed that your dog is in need of some extra bundling. The cooler temps are not only hard on the joints and bones of humans, but can do the same to dogs as well. Keeping your dog warm during the winter months is one of the easiest ways to avoid increased joint and bone pain, and a simple sweater or jacket is the perfect way to do so. If you are in the market for sweet and snuggly dog apparel, you might be wondering how you can buy some on a budget. Below, you will find everything you need to know about how to save money on dog apparel. Take a look!

How to Save Money on Dog Clothes 6 Tips to Help You Keep your Dog Warm while Keeping More Money in the bank:

1. Check local thrift and consignment shops.
People don’t just donate their own clothing to thrift stores, but they tend to donate their pet’s too. Take a peek at your local thrift and consignment shops to see if they have any doggy apparel in stock. You can typically find pieces for just a few dollars each, and even less if you shop on a discount day. We also recommend checking out yard sales. They often include pet items for a very reduced amounts

2. Swap with dog clothes friends.
If you run around in a circle with other dog owners, then chances are they have apparel pieces they may no longer be using, have never used, or were only gently used last season. See if you can arrange a swap amongst your friends. This way, you can score some “new to you” pieces of apparel for your pet basically for free.

3. Visit discount retail stores.
Stores such as Walmart and Target carry pet apparel for less than doggy boutiques tend to. You can even find seasonal clearance items for just a few dollars. Peek in the pet aisle at your local discount retail store and see what their offerings are for the month. Dollar General, Dollar Tree, and Big Lots are some other stores you might frequent that also have a pet section.

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4. Make your own.
If you can knit or sew a simple stitch, chances are you can make your own pet apparel for pennies. The internet is full of free patterns for pet clothing items, so do a simple Google search and see what you can come up with. Your pet won’t mind if the outfit isn’t perfect, so just give it a try and save! If you need material to work with thrift stores are full of great sweaters you could cut apart.

5. Look Online for discount dog clothes
You can find both new and used pet apparel products on sites such as eBay for less than retail. Search for dogs sweaters, shirts, jackets and more. Look for sellers who offer free shipping and really get more bang for your buck. There are also a ton of discount pet retailers offering their products online. While you might not know or trust them if you are a valued and frequent customer of another online pet retailer they are sometimes willing to match the price as long as it is the exact same item.

6. Stock up at the end of the season!
When you start receiving those emails about winter clothing sales or see dog clothing on the sale rack, stock up. Retailers both in store and online are trying to get rid of their inventory to make room for their Spring and Summer products. No one will care if your dog is wearing last year’s style and your dog will be happy to have something to wear when the temperatures drop that first time the next fall / winter.

I hope no one thinks I need clothing. But sometimes when it is really cold and Davinia and Indiana are visiting they wear pajamas in the house and will come and cuddle up with me on my warm blanket. I really like that. I also really like the dog bed they left me even though everyone says it way too small. It keeps me warm in the winter when I hang out on the porch during the day.

See how simple and inexpensive it can be to find dog clothes for less? Give these tips a try and in no time your dog will look straight off of the puppy runway for less.

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