Locked in the Animal Shelter Update 2 #rabunpaws4L

Locked in the Animal Shelter Update #2

Kennel Hoping - Locked in at the Animal Shelter

Apparently a bunch of the pictures i have been taking and trying to send straight to Twitter are stuck on my phone in draft mode because the cell phone signal up here is less then stellar. Not sure if they will come through eventually or if I will have to manually try to find them and get them to post. But there were pictures and I will get them up eventually.

After everyone locked in the shelter with me had their turn crawling through the agility tunnel it was time to let some of the cats come out to play. I took Aurora my foster kitten formerly known as Broom out for a visit. Then we battled with the air conditioner because it felt like a million degrees. Apparently the a/c in the office / welcome area is on a timer and goes off at night so it was starting to get really stuffy.

The A/C is now back on but that caused lots of commotion so the dogs started barking again. The cats must really get a lot of attention throughout the day and with the lights off in the kitty areas they pretty much are all just resting or sleeping. Everyone just went back to their kennels to go to sleep so the dogs are barking again. But hopefully everyone will fall asleep as soon as they get used to having people in the kennel area for the night. We are out in the country so once the kennel is closed for the night there are no noises here so the dogs must all think it is really weird and are riled up because of it.

Going to go and hang out with everyone before they go to sleep and I bring out the kittens. More soon.
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