Locked in the Animal Shelter #RabunPaws4L

Locked in the Animal Shelter #RabunPaws4L

It’s going to be a long night here at the Animal Shelter. I arrived early so that I could get everything inside and run to the store for some provisions. We took the Shelter van up to Walmart and by the time we got back it was time to fire up the grill for the community BBQ. We had a bunch of former shelter dogs stop by to say hello to the staff. They were all so happy with their new families. For dessert we had kitty liter cake. I will have to get the recipe and share it one day. It looks like kitty litter complete with melted toosie roll kitty poop. Apparently it is a fun Halloween party food. Not too convinced but it went quickly so I guess it was good.

After we cleaned up and everyone left it was time to rearrange kennels so that everyone could sleep on the same side of the shelter. Since it is a nice night some of the dogs are getting to spend the night in the meet and greet kennels by the front door. There are 4 of us staying the night. The Rabun Paws 4 Life Shelter Director, his intake coordinator, one of the shelter people from the county where I live so that she can learn more about this shelter, and myself.

It gets really quite at the shelter at night. The cats and kittens are all asleep after a busy day with the staff and volunteers. The dogs are quiet or were quite until we made some kennel switches then they all got riled up. They seem to be quieting down now and settling down on their brand new Kuranda beds – they were donated earlier this week. The dogs seem to like them but just walking through gets them all riled up so no one was sleeping on them when I went to visit.

Animal Shelter Director in the tunnel

The fun is starting up again now. The tunnel just came out and everyone is crawling through it. Need to get back to the party. More updates soon.

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