Dog Safety: How to Create a Disaster Plan for Your Dog

Dog Safety: How to Create a Disaster Plan for Your Dog

Earlier today there was a 7.3 Earthquake that hit less then 300 miles from the coast of Fukushima. Yes that Fukushima where the radiation is still leaking from the Earthquake and Tsunami in March 2011. Thank goodness the Tsunami following today’s Earthquake was minor in comparison and there have been no reports of damage though that can change as people begin to venture out now that the sun is up.

The Earthquake warning was given in time to get people out but it was the middle of the night in a rainstorm so if they weren’t prepared things probbly did not go smoothly. Which made me think that this is the perfect time to talk about a Disaster Plan.

Just as you have a disaster plan for your family should an emergency hit, you should have a disaster plan for your dog. Dogs are often overlooked during these moments of stress, and if you don’t have a plan in place, they can easily be harmed. Instead, be prepared by creating a disaster plan for your dog so if the need should ever arise, your dog won’t be left to fend for himself or without the care he needs. It is much easier than it sounds, so take a look below at how to create a disaster plan for your dog.

Dog Safety How to Create a Disaster Plan for Your Dog

How to Create a Disaster Plan for Your Dog: 5 Easy Steps/center>

1. Create a tub of supplies.

Be sure to have an air tight tub of supplies on hand in case you run into an instance where stores are closed. This tub should include enough food for at least one week, bottled water for at least one week, flea medications, other important medications, blankets, chew toys, and a treat or two. Should stores be closed, you want to have the supplies you need to keep your dog healthy.

2. Include him in your drills.
When you conduct your family storm and fire drills, be sure to include your dog in the process. When the alarm sounds, practice heading to the designated space with your dog and assure him he is safe. This can be a nerve wrecking time for pets too, so by practicing the drill your dog as well as your family will be able to move to safety quickly.

3. Keep a list of important numbers on hand.
Keep a list of important numbers such as your vet, local pharmacy, emergency clinic, and pet supply store on hand. It should be stored in your phone as well as on paper in case your phone battery dies. If an emergency arises, you want to be sure you have access to all of the numbers you may need quickly and easily.

4. Designate a back up family.
If an emergency arises and you need to leave your home without your dog, have a back up family ready. Talk to a family you trust beforehand so that when an emergency strikes, you know they are willing, able, and prepared to take the dog and care for him.

5. Always keep your dog tagged and/or micro chipped.
In the event of a storm or emergency where your dog gets lost or separated from you, an ID tag or microchip is what assures you will be reunited with your pet. Never skip this step and instead take the necessary steps to make sure your dog is easily identifiable.

Creating a disaster plan that includes your pet is a great way to show him you care. Give these tips a try and see how easy it is to make sure your dog is looked after in the case of emergency. He will be forever grateful and you will have peace of mind should disaster strike that you were prepared.

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