5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Dogs Teeth Healthy

Creating a regular dental plan at a young age can save your hundreds of dollars on dental bills for your dogs.

With so many dogs in need of major dental work it is no wonder that more and more products come on the market almost daily to help deal with getting rid of bad breath and cleaning up your dogs teeth. Most dog owners do not get the opportunity to test out all of the products don’t he market before sticking with the one they like the most so I thought I would put together a post to help you keep the cost low and create a regular dental plan for your dogs. Good dental health is important for your dog’s heart!

5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Dogs Teeth Healthy

5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Dogs Teeth Healthy

1. Starting from a very young age get your dog used to having their teeth brushed daily! Indiana doesn’t mind a soft bristle regular brush. Davinia will allow me to use a spin brush in her mouth. There are various tooth paste on the market that you can use just make sure that it does not have any fluoride in it. We personally like a natural tooth paste made from sopanified olive oil as the base if your dog need more of an incentive they do make chicken and liver flavored tooth paste.

2. Chew Bones. At least once per week give your dog a bone that they will actually have to gnaw on and work in order to get a reward. We buy bones at the food store from the meat section that are marked as dog bones. They are cow marrow bones cut down and packaged. They come in packages of at least 3 or 4 so we freeze some for later. If those aren’t big enough you can ask the butcher if they can refrain from cutting the bone up and saving it for you (you can call ahead or just let them know when you will be in next). The Marrow bone still has a little bit of meat on it and raw meat is supposed to have an enzyme to clean their teeth.

3. While it is best to clean their teeth right before bed sometimes that doesn’t work so make sure they drink a bit of water if they have had any treats or food since their last brushing. You don’t want the food to stick in their mouths creating issues while they sleep.

4. Chew toys. If your dog likes chew toys switch them out often to keep your dog entertained. This will also allow you to clean the one they have been gnawing on for a few days. The chew toy will trap bacteria and other germs which you want to get out of your dog’s mouth so wash them with soap and water really well or if they are dishwasher safe toss them in the next time you are ready to do a load of dishes. Don’t allow the chew bones and toys to go more then a week without cleaning them. The point of the chew toy is to help keep your dog’s teeth healthy and strong but a dirty toy will have the opposite effect.

5. Feed a good quality food daily. While raw food people say that there is an enzyme in raw food that helps keep teeth clean I know it isn’t an option for everyone as a regular source of food (us included). There are dental diets for dogs that provide a harder and larger piece of kibble that helps loosen the plaque. You don’t need to feed this as their meal you can give them a few pieces as a treat after dinner is over. In fact that is what I suggested a family member do for his dog after a really upsetting dental surgery because he didn’t want to put his dog through it again.

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  1. I do all 5! Whew
    Ruckus the Eskie recently posted..Happy Birthday to Me!My Profile

  2. Good tip about the kibble-as-treat concept. My dogs eat raw, and while they do get their teeth brushed, this might be another weapon I should add to the arsenal.
    Jean Dion recently posted..Dog toenail trims: DIY or groomer?My Profile

  3. So simple and yet so important for our dogs. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to make sure to use more of these for the health of my dogs.


  5. Carolyn Taylor says

    Thanks for the info! I’m going to keep this in mind for my dogs! We just had an incident where we thought one of my dogs might have heartworm, so we found a cheap heartgard medication for him and now he’s as good as new. I’ve been trying to do everything to keep them extra healthy lately!

  6. Using enzymatic toothpaste helps eliminate bad odor and keep the teeth healthy and clean. One thing to note…always use soft bristled brush to avoid irritating your pet!

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  7. Thanks for the reminder of these ideas for maintaining good health.

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  8. Many thanks various other informative web-site. Exactly where else might I am getting that will style of information printed in this type of fantastic method? I get a undertaking that we are at the moment focusing on, we happen to be on the look out there with regard to these facts.

  9. Even if you can’t afford raw, the most important thing about a good diet is quality. A lot of people think kibble = better, but there is not a ton of evidence to support this. Any dentist will tell you – low sugar diets are more important than crunchy diets!
    Healing Paws recently posted..Is Kibble Better For Your Pet’s Teeth?My Profile

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