Plexidor For the Dog Friendly Lifestyle of Your Dreams

Plexidor For the Dog Friendly Lifestyle of Your Dreams

This is a Guest Post by Frankie I am a Lover Not a Fighter

Plexidor for the Dog friendly Lifestyle you have always dreamed ofPicMonkey Collage

When my PlexiDor arrived, I thought of the ‘80’s Calgon commercial tagline, “Calgon, take me away!” I was whisked away to lounging on the couch as I giggled at the sight of my dogs’ little booties disappearing through my PlexiDor! Aaaahhhh, relief! No more tap dancing at my feet in the middle of a movie, no more standing at the door while they sniff everything. I now simply unlock my PlexiDor in the morning, and let the dogs sniff all they like. HEAVEN!

We called Mr. Handyman ( to install our new PlexiDor, and they did an amazing job. How great that the PlexiDor can be easily installed in any type of door, even glass!

Now the fun part…training!!! I’ve been hired before to desensitize dogs to dog doors in their home, and I always cringe at the thought of the typical “mud flap” style door scaring them. I certainly don’t blame them…there’s a reason for the saying, “don’t let the door hit you on the way out!” The acrylic “saloon style” PlexiDor panels swing gently to a close without noise thanks to the industrial strength weather seal around each panel. The seal also reduces the loss of heat and cooling…very clever, very green!

Zaney Laney, our Golden Retriever, was an instant success with the door. A few nose bumps, a treat lure, and mommy on the other side was all it took for her to become a PlexiDor groupie! Bubba and Frankie lived up to their terrier lineage, and were stubborn at first, but the treat proved too powerful! They mastered the new door in record time, and I credit their success to its design. Bubba is skeptical of new things, and will avoid a room if it has something new in it. I was worried he wouldn’t take to the door, and I am overjoyed that he is using it so easily. Kudos to the designers!

Another great feature of the PlexiDor is safety! Our backyard abuts thick woods, and I’ve seen foxes and deer passing through. It is a comfort that I can lock the door when not in use, and screw in the metal plate when we are away from home!

The PlexiDor installation gives my dogs more freedom. While I’m home, it’s nice to know they can come and go as they please. As imagined, I love watching a cute little dog butt disappear through the door, and I’m SO glad I didn’t have to stop to let them go outside to bark at a blade of grass, aaaahhh….

Our Plexidor Lifestyle

This post was written on behalf of BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network and PlexiDor by Frankie I am a Lover Not a Fighter, who received compensation from PlexiDor for sharing his family’s views about the product. As Frankie does not have a Blog of his own we offered our Blog so that he could share his views. He says that he and his family cannot recommend the Plexidor enough!

Final Note from Frankie:
Thank you Two Little Cavaliers for allowing us to share our happy experience with your loving fans! Thank you BlogPaws for this amazing opportunity, and thank you PlexiDor for the lifestyle I’ve dreamed of, and for an amazing product!

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  1. This would be just the ticket if we had the door for it, but we don’t. For years we had a dog door and there is NOTHING BETTER. I’m afraid now, though, that my duck would probably be coming into the house all the time, so it’s for the best that we don’t have one.
    Flea recently posted..Skye Terrier, Breed of the WeekMy Profile

    • Lol! PlexiDor seems to have thought about almost every crazy situation we pet owners put ourselves in! They make doors compatible for all household doors, wall units, and even glass! For those of us with multiple species pets they even offer electronic doors that recognize an electronic “key” on your dog or cats’ collar! Check it out:

      Hugs to your pups and duckies!!! Love, Frankie and momma Teresa 🙂

  2. I love love love the shot of the tail wag. So you’re new to the door? That’s pretty amazing. We have a door in our house, but we still have to get up to let the dogs out so we get the constant interruptions too. It’s so nice to see someone appreciating these cool doors. They’re so nice. It’s so cool how quickly everyone took to the door!
    Kimberly Gauthier recently posted..Set Your DVR! Don’t Miss Kickass K9 on TLC’s Boston Underdogs, Aug 12My Profile

    • I love that picture. You can tell how happy Frankie is because you can barely see his tail it is wagging so much. Thank you for stopping by.

    • I love that door! Mom says I’d love anything you put a treat near, hehe But our Bubba, he’s not so keen on new things. Like we mentioned in the blog, he will avoid rooms that have new furniture, etc because he’s so shy. Although he was the last to use the door freely, it didn’t take near as long as mom thought it might to desensitize him to it. There’s some footage in the video of him pawing at it, and learning how it works. We credit the low noise level to his success, otherwise, it would have scared him away for good! We’re so pleased with this door! (Hence my tail wag, hehehe) 🙂

  3. we need to get one of these for our two dogs !
    Kristyn recently posted..Kinerase HydraBoost Intensive Treatment Review, Photos & SwatchesMy Profile

  4. My mom should get this for her dog so that she doesn’t chew the door off!
    Jade Samson recently posted..LifeTrak C300 Fitness Watch GiveawayMy Profile

  5. My husband really wants one of these for our Dog and cat! But I’m more cautious. How do you keep “Neighbor” pets from coming into your home at will? I don’t like that idea. But that is about my only concern….because well…we have skunks here that have a tendency to come in through dog doors.

    But I seriously love the design of this door a lot more than any other dog door I have ever seen. Definitely this is the one we’d get if we ever get a dog door.
    Amber Edwards recently posted..Duck Tape Crafts | Personalized Kids Duck Tape Notebook craft #DuckTapeAtWalmartMy Profile

    • PlexiDor thought about almost every crazy situation we pet owners put ourselves in! For those of us with concerns of neighbor pets or wildlife coming in PlexiDor offers electronic doors that recognize an electronic “key” on your dog or cats’ collar! Check it out:
      I hope you order one! Mom says it’s a dream come true that she doesn’t have to open the door all the time now, especially when we’re just faking her out to go out in the yard to stare at nothing, hehe

  6. Looks like a great option for a dog door. My neighbor needs one. I will let her know about this.

  7. What a cutie. He certainly seems to like it!
    Ellen Christian recently posted..Cinnamon Stick Craft – Cinnamon Stick Votive HolderMy Profile

  8. Jenna Wood says

    I think it’s neat this Plexi Door can be installed in glass doors too! It sounds like both mom and pup are thrilled with the new addition!

  9. I really want a cat door buy my husband says what goes out can come in and heaven knows what might follow!

    With four indoor/outdoor cats I cannot tell you what a pain in my tail it is to be hopping up and down to wait on them when they want in and out. But they do say we are their slaves….
    Patty recently posted..Sushi Salad – RecipeMy Profile

  10. I was always wondering about these. They are really safe, right?

  11. I really wish we owned our house so we could get a doggie door. It would be So much easier than having to get up all the time to get them outside in time!
    Ashley Sears recently posted..Comment on Pumpkin Washi Tape Garland by PattyMy Profile

  12. I actually take pleasure in, induce I discovered just the thing I became searching for. You have finished my own four day long look! Goodness Thank you guy. Have a very great time. L8rs

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