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Pet Bloggers Blog Hop

We are a little tired tonight. We moved into our new house on Monday and the week has been a complete whirl wind. The movers where here, the guy that is going to keep our lawn mowed for us was here. It was like the lawn hadn’t been mowed in months and it as a tall soggy mess. We went out in it on Saturday and it felt like I was walking in a pool and forgot to take my shoes off. That is how wet the grass was.

We finally have a fencing company that is going to come out and put up our fence for us. I say finally because after 3 visits the first fencing guy realized he had measured wrong since his first trip out and he could give us either a 4 foot gate or a 10 foot gate but they could not install any size in between even though their store sells it. That would be great if I knew how to install a fence or gate which I don’t or I would be doing it myself in the first place. So the fence is nothing fancy just plain old chain link. Function over form for us here at the Two Little Cavalier Household. The fence has to be strong enough that the girls cannot dig under and tall enough that other dogs or animals cannot jump in but it had to fit within our budget. So Chain Link it is. Hopefully it will be a beautiful week next week so that the company can get through their backlog from all the rain we have been having.


We also had our floor installed this week. I was told it would take a day. They told the installer to just come out with 2 guys and so it took 2 days. They didn’t measure right so we didn’t have enough edging so I had to go run out last night to pick up more pieces. The piece that is meant to go over the top stair is the wrong color and what should have been 3 left over boxes was 3 left over pieces of flooring. Not impressed with the process at all. The positive is that the floor looks amazing now and will not be a pee pee magnate like the carpet. Now all I need to do is figure out how to remind the girls to go slowly when we go down the stairs since it is laminate right next to the stairs (the stairs are still carpet). You can see a picture of the carpet ripped out and the floor bare. We need to take pictures of the transformation from these pictures of our new house to what it looks like now.

For now I am going to take 2 dogs that are fast asleep on the couch and bring them to our bedroom to go to sleep. Hope you have a fantastic weekend everyone.

Pet Bloggers Blog Hop

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  1. Oh the joys of moving! Hope the flooring gets all finished up quickly! Thank you for hosting this hop! I am now following you on Bloglovin as well. Link up to my Bloglovin’ hop,, & spread the word! Next time I’m going to include linking to a post as well because it’s much more fun.
    Rascal and Rocco recently posted..Grow a Cat from a PotMy Profile

  2. Congrats on your new home
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted..Nothing But Norman #2My Profile

  3. Ah! Moving – the combined efforts of joy, stress, exhaustion, excitement and so much more! Congratulations on the move and hope the transition goes as smooth as possible!

  4. Hi Y’all!

    Thanks so much for still hosting the Blog Hop! My Human says she “feels for you”…she’s done lots and lots of that movin’ stuff.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog
    Hawk aka BrownDog recently posted..Guessing GameMy Profile

  5. you will LOVE LOVE LOVE your new floors (I ADORE mine!) they are soooo easy to clean. Soon you will be able to sit back and smile and enjoy your new home!
    Hope the fence installation goes well, once it is all done you will have peace of mind!
    Caren Gittleman recently posted..Friday Funny:Serenading my SheltieMy Profile


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