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Help My Dog Eats Cat Poop!

So you have a dog that for some unknown reason to you likes to eat cat poop. I hear your pain. Davinia and Indiana would eat cat poop every day if I let them. It is pretty easy to keep my dogs out of cat feces but for multiple pet households I know it can be a constant struggle and one that you are always trying to find a solution for.

Yes it is a disgusting thing for your dog to do. At least I think so especially when they think it was the best thing every then try and come kiss you. No thanks, please stay away from me with that poop breath.

The question on everyone’s mind because it has been something that you probably think about if this is a problem in your house is can my dog get sick from eating cat poop?

My Dog Eats Cat Poop

Help! My dog eats cat poop! What can I do to stop them?

There is no simple answer but there are steps you can take to help make sure your poop eater does not get sick:
1. Make sure your cat is up to date on vaccinations.
2. Make sure your dog is up to date on vaccinations.
2. Keep your cat indoors or in enclosed outdoor areas where they cannot hunt.
3. Do not feed your cat raw food.
4. Any fresh fruits or vegetable or cooked fruits or vegetable fed to your cat should be thoroughly washed before being prepared.
4. Be sure to wash your hands after cooking and before playing with the cat. Wash your hands after playing with the cat.
5. Place the litter box in a way your dog cannot get to it. Whether that is some sort of enclosed box or a box placed on a counter that the dog cannot jump up on.
6. Use a taste deterrent on your cat’s feces, such as finely ground black pepper, crushed hot pepper, Tabasco® sauce, or Bitter Apple spray.
7. Mix a digestive enzyme approved by your vet for cats to help them absorb more of the stuff that dogs find so very tasty.

For everyone out there saying: “Help my dog eats cat poop.” What have you done to deter the habit that others can use to solve the problem in their home?

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  1. We don’t have a problem with kitty rocha consumption. Small dogs and a high up litter box takes care of it.
    jan recently posted..Urban Mushing with Tofu the rescue PoodleMy Profile

  2. I have this problem with my dogs, and it is disgusting. It’s true what you said…they get in the cat box and then want to give you kisses. YUK! We live in apartments and there are cats outside and of course they potty out there too. My male dog searches out the poo and trys to eat it. I have to watch him every step of the way. He has had his shots, but it is a constant worry.

  3. I used to enjoy that self rewarding behavior of grabbing snacks out of the litter box until Mom put the box out of my reach. The biggest concern she had was that we use clumping litter and that in my tummy with the moisture could cause clumps. We don’t know that for a fact, but it sounds plausible. Box out of the way, problem solved.
    emma recently posted..Candyland | GBGV | Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  4. Jessica Sala says:

    We are lucky enough to have a “cat room” in a small room off a hallway at the end of our house. The dogs know under no circumstances they can go down this hallways, but for the times that we are out and they get courageous we have a chain lock on the outside of the door and a chock that we put underneath is, so it’s cracked enough the cats can come and go as they please, but the dogs can only dream of eating poo!

  5. I built a wooden barrier to block one end of the two cat pans and block the door so only the cats can get through at the other end. However, the wooden barrier was so heavy, I finally had to give up on it. That end is now blocked by a wooden gate bought at walmart for $10. It’s too bad I haven’t been able to video the dog antics to get past either barrier these past years. Amazing how resourceful dogs can be when there’s a buffet waiting.
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