Dogs: Summer Fun with Water

Dogs: Summer Fun with Water

Dogs Summer Fun with Water - tons of fun dog videos

Dock Diving and Competition not for you and your dog? Check out this video of a dog completely infatuated with the pool slide.

Is your dog the social butterfly? This might be more your speed a day out at the water park at the end of the summer season

You will all remember this fan favorite. Gus the dog thinks he needs an indoor swimming pool:

Want to make a splash entrance? Well, Nestle did just that with the launch of resource Natural Spring Water in New York City on June 5th. Cameras caught the electrifying acrobatics in the performance called: “Electrobatique–An Enchanting Discovery,” is an original dance performance featuring tons of fun water effects, aerial choreography and acrobatic dance by AiRealistic, an aerial theater company with roots in Cirque du Soleil and Le Reve.

I know you are all thinking: What does this video have to do with Dogs and having fun in the summer. Well that’s simple the performance was inspired by Cirque du Soleil which has year round performances in Las Vegas and BlogPaws will be held in Las Vegas next May (yes I do hope to be able to see at least one show during my stay) plus resource Natural Spring Water is a Nestle company and so is Purina a company that LOVES Pet Bloggers.

Dogs that do not receive adequate hydration during workouts are at risk of heat stress. It is estimated that a dog’s water requirements may more than double when exercising in warm temperatures. Be sure to give small amounts of water regularly during exercise. Keeping your dog’s bowl full of fresh water is one of the simplest things you do to help him stay healthy. But we know that not every dog likes to drink water out of their bowls and it seems they prefer to drink it from the dirtiest sources available a tiny muddy puddle or a water bowl that was left out and has collected rain water. We put together some ideas to get your dog to drink water at home to keep from Dehydrating:
How to get your dog to drink more water
5 ways to get your dogs to drink more water

Which is your favorite Dogs: Summer Fun with Water Video

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  1. I’m a big drinker and I love my water bowl but my sister is weird about water and mom always says she doesn’t drink enough. Sometimes she puts water on her food to get her to drink too. We have a water bowl in the house and one outside, but for some odd reason she only likes to drink from the one outside and they are the exact same bowls!
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  2. LOVE LOVE Golden LOVE being in the water. Last year was my best year when I can swim in the ocean whenever I want. Now I am back home I’m a bit prohibited where (I shared recently my indoor swim doing the Doggy Paddle). There’s a Dock Diving event close to us and mom will try to enter me. Golden Thanks for sharing. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar
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