Dogs: Antibiotics Kill Good Bacteria Along with Bad

Dogs: Antibiotics Kill Good Bacteria Along with Bad

Dogs Antibiotics Kill Good Bacteria Along with Bad

Earlier today we received a question on a post we wrote last year about Anal Gland Abscess in Dogs and it brought up something that I think we just don’t consider when giving our pets antibiotics. When our pets are sick we want a miracle cure that will bring them back to their regular behavior overnight. We rush them to the vet and agree to anything and everything the vet recommends and I am not saying that is wrong. We just need to be informed about what we are agreeing to.

If a dog has an infection the fastest and best way to cure that infection is antibiotics but just like with people the drug will kill the good bacteria along with the bad. Unlike with people or children most dogs are very stoic when they are in pain so not only do we not think about the pain that might also be associated with the infection we don’t see our pet reacting to it either. Our pets show they aren’t feeling well by not eating or not drinking or having one of many different potty issues. If your dog gets a UTI or a yeast infection while on antibiotics it is not something we might instantly think of if the miracle antibiotic is not working to our expectation because our pet is still sad or upset.

Instead of waiting for an issue to arise and needing to figure out what is going on the next time your pet has to go on antibiotics add a spoon of plain yogurt to their food. If they don’t like plain yogurt mix some honey and cinnamon into the yogurt and they will gladly have an entire cup full. Another option is Probiotics in pill or powder form. Probiotics are the active cultures in yogurt and are what help populate your gut or your pet’s gut with the good bacteria it needs in order to stay healthy. This is especially necessary when you or your pet are on antibiotics or your pets immune system is compromised in anyway (including stress).

Remember if your dog has an infection you know about it is most likely in pain and should receive a pain medication along with any antibiotics. Make sure to ask your vet if there is something over the counter that they recommend or if they can prescribe something. Many times veterinarians will not prescribe pain medication with routine issues because they know people get upset about the cost of the visit and the antibiotic already and don’t want to add to the cost burden. Be an advocate for your dogs and ask for a pain reliever so that your pet can start to feel better sooner.

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  1. Great info, thanks for sharing!!!
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  2. We think it is just like the human antibiotic issue. Antibiotics are becoming less effective because they are over used. There are plenty of times when they are necessary but if there is another way, then you should give that a try first. Great post!
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  3. I can’t imagine a dog not liking yogurt, but I guess there are some picky eaters out there. Certainly not my dogs though. They are like Mikey….they eat anything 😉
    Taryn recently posted..Fairy RingMy Profile

  4. Fortiflora is a great probiotic product for dogs. I’ve heard that human yogurt does not carry the same beneficial bacteria that dogs really need as it’s formulated more for humans, but don’t know much about that.
    Ann Staub recently posted..Pets to Make You Proud – Churchill’s Dog Boot Camp CompetitionMy Profile

  5. That’s true for people as well. We can give the dogs yogurt to counteract the bad effects.
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  6. Jessica Sala says:

    Great post! Thanks for all the info!

  7. Very informative post. Thanks for sharing it.
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