Celebrate National Hug Your Cat Day

Celebrate National Hug Your Cat Day!

Hug Your Cat Day

June 4th – that’s today is National Hug Your Cat Day and we here at Two Little Cavaliers think you should celebrate. It doesn’t have to be anything thought out or over the top just a little something to show your feline friends you care. Indiana and Davinia will not be hugging Dora the Explorer anytime soon. She hisses and spits at them when they try to get close to say hello she just does not care for dogs that are practically her size bigger dogs that barely register that she is around she ignores. Anyway, Davinia and Indiana don’t begrudge Dora a treat because she happens to be a VERY messy eater and they can swoop in after she is done and get a lick of cream or an extra piece of Broccoli (yes Dora the cat likes Broccoli). They also know that if Dora gets something special that they will too so they say bring on the celebration!

Here are a few ways you can celebrate Hug Your Cat Day that you can fit into your busy schedule:
Let your cat sit on your lap during tv time.
Allow your cat to join you in the room when you read your child a book tonight.
Talk to your cat. They say (no I have no idea who “they” are) that if you talk to your cat your cat will be more vocal back.
If your cat is the friendly sort pick them up and give them a hug.
Save a few bits and pieces from your own dinner a bite or two of chicken or steak would be a huge hit so would any fish you have on hand.
Take an empty toilet paper roll put in a few dried beans or nuts and cover the ends with a piece of paper and then duct tape and let your cat play with their new toy.
I know of a family that once a week goes out and purchases several different types of fish, cooks them up, and then lets the cats choose which type they want that night and the human family members eat the pieces the cats aren’t interested in.
Take out that laser pointer you bought a year or so back and while you are at your computer tonight shine it around and let your cat have some play time.

The Chronicals of Zee and Zoey
Another way to celebrate National Hug Your Cat Day if you don’t currently have a cat in your life is to join us tonight over on twitter for #BlogPawsChat from 8-10pm Eastern Time to talk cats, share pictures of cats, and win one of two copies of Author and Cat Blogger Deb Barnes book The Chronicals of Zee and Zoey.

Are you going to celebrate National Hug Your Cat Day?

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  1. I have a dog not a cat so I’ll do your suggestions for my dog.
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