My Garden … I only Wish

My Garden Pink Cherry Blossoms

My Garden … I only Wish

My Garden White Flowers

My Garden Purple Heart Flowers I Only Wish

Orange Tulip

Tulip Pink Orange and Red

I wish this way my spring garden

My Garden Yellow Climbing Vine

Wat is your favorite thing about Spring?
I would have to say the colors and all the amazing flowers that show themselves on trees that only days before looked bare and dead. Growing up in Miami where there is no major change from winter to spring. Sure there are some flowers but for the most part things stay green and happy all year round. So the change is not as noticeable. Since moving to Georgia in February 2012 I have gotten to witness what Spring is all about. The colors, the blooms, the greens and it all makes me wish it was my garden. Or that I had a little patch of land that I could call my garden. I say it doesn’t have to be intricate but I would love to have a small pond in my garden with lotus growing in it and a few koi swimming around. It would probably have a rose bush or two and some tropical plants if I could figure out a way for them to survive what can be a pretty cold winter here in the mountains. Of course Davinia and Indiana would probably eat all the plants in my garden so I would have to make sure they weren’t toxic to dogs which means there should probably be some fruits and vegetables. They like Blueberries, carrots (but those have to be cooked first), potatoes and sweet potatoes which they would be great helpers in digging up when the time came, and maybe broccoli too. So I guess my garden couldn’t be too small if I want all these things in it plus have room to let the girls play in a yard.

Maybe I just have garden envy and be able to say that’s my garden when I hear a neighbor say have you see all the flowers blooming or vegetables growing or that cute pond.

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  1. Carol Neal says

    I would have to say one of my favorite things about spring is with warmer temps here in Indiana means back to camping with the horses. And camping without the horses!

  2. Love the garden pics! We have 2 small gardens that look great and one that needs to be replanted, right now it’s too empty.
    2 Punk Dogs recently posted..Synchronized SleepingMy Profile

  3. I love spring too. Everything comes to life, the birds start singing in the trees…
    And I know how you feel about wanting to have a garden of your own. If you don’t have a patch of land for this, maybe even a few potted plants in the house can brighten up the place quite a lot. And it’s very rewarding growing something by yourself.
    Lavi recently posted..Chapter 8. A new familyMy Profile

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