Dogs Are Family #SubaruBP

Dogs Are Family

Or we can chase that squirrel Dog Tested, Dog Approved Subaru Commercial

Dogs are Family Subaru Dog Tested Dog Approved
Check out this happy dog in his commercial debut Subaru Dog Tested: Breeds

Davinia and Indiana are two spoiled little dogs. In fact as I am writing this they both happen to be fast asleep on my bed. Davinia is on my pillow and Indiana is cuddled up next to her. The first thing we do in the morning (after checking Facebook) is to go for a walk together. We might sleep in because Two Little Cavaliers who happen to be spoiled don’t exactly get up at the crack of dawn and protest when we do. They know that no matter what the weather is rain or shine 90 degrees or 30 degrees I will take them out to potty. When we get back inside depending on the day and time and how much they have been eating lately they either get a snack or they get breakfast or sometimes a snack and then a while later they get breakfast. Then we get to work.

Depending on if I am working at my desk or on the couch the girls find a place to sleep that is close by. If I go into the kitchen to make myself something to eat they follow hoping for a special treat. They usually get something even if it is a single strand of grated cheese or a piece of steamed broccoli- they need to make sure that it tastes good right? If Indiana thinks it is time for a treat she will go over to whatever counter or table she last saw me get a treat from and talk to that area. I think she is asking the treat to get into her belly. Generally I will just move the bag or item so that she cannot see it and go back to work and give her a treat later when she has forgotten about trying to get the treat from the bag into her belly.

Davinia and Indiana let me know when it is time to be done working for a few hours sometime between 6 and 7:30pm when we go out for a walk before they have dinner. We go for a quick potty walk and as long as it wasn’t hot out I give them dinner right away. They always have breakfast and dinner before me. Its just how it works here.

When we go visit my parents my mom has given up trying to keep Davinia off the chairs and couch. In fact she will go over to Davinia when she is sleeping on the chair in the living room to make sure she is ok. My dad bakes the girls special treats when they visit and he always has to have a special sandwich to share with them and I they don’t get enough treats in a day (his enough not my enough) he remedies the situation.

So when it comes to cars Davinia and Indiana actually play a very big role in my purchase decision. Yes they are small and technically they can fit into a carrying bag which means they can fit into any car if they had to. But we like to go on adventure’s together which means long car trips and they would just be miserable stuffed in a bag for that many hours all the time. Even driving to see my parents is an hour. So our vehicle of choice has to be able to fit their crate. This way they can sit up and look out the window or cuddle up and take a nap. I want to get a vehicle from a dealer that understands that dogs are family. They have to understand that they aren’t an after thought that they are my first thought. I want a safe car that isn’t too big but can be adjusted to have room for their crate. Oh and they don’t like to be too far away from me in the car so the vehicle can’t be too big either.

If you think that teaser is cute check out the full length version of the commercial. Or we can chase that squirrel.

My personal car of choice understands that dogs are family and it it seems like Subaru does too. From Subaru’s line up of Dog Tested, Dog Approved SuperBowl Commercials to their hiring of a sales associate for dogs they go above and beyond in saying that Dogs Are Family.

If you have a minute you should head over and check out the Subaru Facebook App and all of its interactive pieces. This pet-friendly app is made for dog owners. It has a Dog Matchmaker to help you determine the best breed for your family, Ask an Expert, Dog Driver’s License, Put Your Dog in a Subaru.

This post is sponsored by Subaru because they love dogs and believe that Dogs are family. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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  1. Subaru’s are great cars.

  2. Dogs are family, and I think this is a great campaign on Subaru’s part!
    Jenna Wood recently posted..Certified Steak & Seafood: Pistachio Crusted Salmon RecipeMy Profile

  3. We are getting a new Subaru. Now my daughter will really keep bugging me for a dog. LOL!
    Jenn @comebackmomma recently posted..Get that Body Moving – Walking, Standing, Stairs, MORE!My Profile

  4. we have been looking for a good new family car, may need to look into the Subaru!
    Kristyn Kilcullen recently posted..Milani Color Statement Lipsticks in Red and Orange Review, Photos and SwatchesMy Profile

  5. Subaru has found an untapped market! When we went shopping for another car we took the dog crate to make sure it fit in the back seat.
    Teresha F recently posted..Pink Galaxy S3 Flip Cover #ForgetMeNots Giveaway [WW]My Profile

  6. Jessica Sala says

    Adorable 🙂 I love their add about how their cars last for a long time and they start with the puppy and end with a toddler and senior dog. Makes me cry everytime 🙂

  7. My husband wants a dog badly. One of the first things I thought was, “we don’t have the right car to get a dog” lol. I never knew so much about the little things you have to consider when getting a dog.
    Amber Edwards recently posted..Fish Tacos Recipe with Chipotle Sauce and Salsa Corn; Spice up your Family Dinner #FishnVeggies #CbiasMy Profile

  8. So cool to see a car company that takes our pets into consideration! It’s awesome! Thanks for sharing this!
    Dawn Lopez recently posted..Perfect Valentine’s Day Chocolates and GiveawayMy Profile

  9. I love their commercials too! Our dogs are spoiled rotten, and I wouldn’t have it any other way:-)
    Libby’s Library recently posted..It’s Cold and Flu Season – Xlear Sinus Care Neti ReviewMy Profile

  10. We have a dog too who thinks she owns the car. In fact, she likes getting in the driver’s seat. 🙂 Those Subaru commercials are pretty funny b/c they’re SO true. 🙂

  11. I agree that whatever your family consists of, it’s important to keep all members happy – especially when considering road trips!
    Heather ~ Acting Balanced recently posted..Saturday Blogger Interview with … Tazim from Being Tazim!My Profile

  12. I love how Subaru goes extra mile for the dogs. I still have a bandana they sent us last year
    Lena – @elenka29 recently posted..The Valparaiso Cerro Abajo Bike RaceMy Profile

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