Traveling and Dogs – Hotel Rooms

Traveling and Dogs – Hotel Rooms

10 tips for a stress free hotel stay with your dog

traveling and dogs tips for staying at a hotel

Traveling and Dogs can be a great combination if you are prepared ahead of time and have your plan in place before leaving your home. Many people make the common mistake that when they are on the road that they will just find a hotel room when they are tired of driving for the day or find a city they want to explore a little more. That’s fine if you don’t have your 4 legged family member with you but finding a hotel that will allow pets and for a fee you are willing to pay is not always easy. Here are some tips to follow to make your trip into a stress free adventure.

1. Book your motel / hotel rooms before you leave home. Tell the person who helps you book the room that you will be bringing your dog(s) along and how much they weigh. Some hotels have weight limits and some have a number of pets limit. Others set their pet fee according to the weight of your dog. Agree on the price for your room and the added pet fee before you arrive tired and in need of a shower. Sometimes hotels / motels will allow 2 small dogs instead of 1 big dog and some have pet policies that are less restrictive then other locations of the same chain.

2. Be a courteous guest. Not everyone staying at the hotel loves barking dogs. When you arrive at the hotel even before checking in to your room take your dogs for a walk. Let them check out their new surroundings and sniff the grass. Let them stretch their legs after being in the car for several hours so that they can meet and greet everyone refreshed.

3. If your dog(s) are used to being on the furniture at home bring a sheet to cover the hotel bed with so that when your dog makes themselves at home you don’t ruin the bed spread. Use hotel towels to cover chairs near windows as well as window seats.

4. Bring some sort of cleaning product with you to help clean any accidents. Even if your dog is house trained and never goes potty inside another dog might have in the past and your dog can smell it and want to mark its territory.

5. Make sure to always have a supply of potty bags with you when you go outside for walks and be sure to clean up all messes. You might not want to stop to ask at the front desk for some potty bags on your way out so always ask for some extras on your way back inside so that your supply doesn’t run out.

6. Hotels / Motels would rather you use their towels to clean off your dogs paws or dry them off if it was raining outside then allowing your pets to shake and dry themselves off on the carpet or bed. Most motels and hotels have a hair dryer set it to warm and help get rid f the excess water.

7. A hotel bathroom is not the place to bathe or groom your dog. In fact it is an AKC show rule that if you are staying at a hotel you are not supposed to bathe your dog in the bathtub. If you have to give your dog a bath because they got into something or are covered in mud make sure to leave the bathroom cleaner then you found it. That means no hair in the tub and taking a wash cloth and scrubbing down the walls.

8. If you need to leave the room be sure to put your dogs in their crate and use the Do Not Disturb Sign. You should also give the front desk your cell phone number in case there is a problem so that they ever feel like they are dealing with a bad situation with your dogs. They know you need to eat or run to the store for something and not everywhere delivers. Just don’t leave your dogs in your hotel room all day long.

9. If you are going to be spending several days at the hotel / motel let the staff know your dogs will be spending some time in the room alone. Tell them where the crate is and let them know if they have permission to clean the room or not.

10. Have fun and let your dogs have fun just don’t let them bark all night or destroy the hotel room.

Do you have any of your own tips or tricks for Traveling and Dogs – Hotel Rooms

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  1. susan bloom says

    We have stayed at La Quinta hotels with our dog and had excellent experiences at all the ones that we stayed at. They are animal friendly at all of their properties, and do not charge extra for this. Hope this helps!

  2. Very good points. You also need to make sure of whether or not it is okay to leave the dog/s in the room when you are stepping out.

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