Dog Lovers Take a Stand Against RSPCA

Dog Lovers Take a Stand Against RSPCA


A group of Dog Lovers have come together to say enough is enough RSPCA its time to take a look at your policies and get back to focusing on the things you were created to do. If you think that the government needs to take a look at the current policies of the RSPCA you can sign the petition here

It seems that the RSPCA since they named Gavin Grant as the head of their charity has lost their focus according to this group. Instead of helping injured or sick animals found by ordinary citizens they look for cases that they can prosecute and will make headlines in the newspapers. Instead of helping the elderly keep their pets by offering a bag of dog food or connecting them with help to get their pet to the vet they prosecute them and throw them in jail. Instead of shutting down puppy mills the RSPCA runs smear campaigns against purebred dogs (and then shows up at purebred dog events asking for donations to their charity). Instead of helping sick and injured animals they wage war against farmers who are trying to get rid of badgers on their property that are infected with TB which can be transmitted to their livestock to the point that one lady had her life threatened because her dead husbands name appear on a list that named to shame farmers. Or the incident where instead of allowing a group of German Shepherds to be adopted out by a German Shepherd rescue RSPCA inspectors used a captive bolt gun to kill them. Or instead of spending hundreds of thousands on prosecution spending more money on training RSPCA inspectors and ensuring that there is enough manpower to respond to the dozens and dozens of calls they receive in their areas each day.

The RSPCA will not pick up stray dogs and bring them back to their facilities according to numerous people who have called their hotline to report a stray dog wandering their neighborhood. They are told the RSPCA does not have enough money to care for stray animals (the same animals they collect money for in the TV advertisements). They tell them to call their local police who tell them to call the RSPCA. Unless of course you can tell the person on the other end of the phone when you call the hotline that the media has been alerted to the situation in which case the RSPCA will come out to help. Or maybe you found a dead animal in your yard that seems suspicious? The person on the other end of the phone when you call the hotline will tell you to throw it away in the trash. One would think that the RSPCA might want to investigate a dismembered cat or at least make sure that it is recorded by local authorities in case there are other similar incidents. The RSPCA is tasked with prosecuting animal abuse which this could very well have been. Vet furious by RSPCA advice to dump headless cat in wheelie bin.

According to a recent report 53,000 animals where killed by the RSPCA in one year. Even the RSPCA admits many of the dogs and cats that came into its care that were later killed were healthy animals. The number 53,000 represents about 50% of all animals taken in by the Charity. During research for this article I spoke with several RSPCA inspectors one of which said that the number is not broken down between domestic animals and wild animals that come in sick and injured. Even so by their own admission the RSPCA admits to killing thousands of healthy and adoptable dogs each year while other rescue organizations seem to need to import dogs from Ireland in order to keep a full shelter. Could be a policy for the RSPCA to look into that there are other organizations out there willing to help get dogs adopted out to good homes and a transfer of dogs from the RSPCA kennels to these other rescues might help the situation.

That doesn’t seem to be the way the RSPCA is going. They seem to train their inspectors to blame people for everything that is wrong with animals instead of educate them and work along with local groups to help remedy the situation. In a conversation I had with another RSPCA inspector when I asked why the RSPCA needed to put down so many healthy animals she sent me to the website of an organization that doesn’t believe we should have pets in the first place. I tried to follow up and ask if since she sent me to that site if that is the feeling of the RSPCA that people shouldn’t have pets or any domestic animals. But she refused to answer any further questions. From my conversation with numerous inspectors they don’t all take this hard stand and blame all animal owners some love animals and do everything they do to help them. And yes of course the RSPCA does help animals and yes the last few years have been tough on all charitable organizations but that doesn’t mean they can forget their mission.

If you believe like these Dog Lovers Take a Stand Against RSPCA

I was just made aware that a similar petition has been started in Australia

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  3. This is disgusting. A headless cat in a wheelie bin?! Awful.
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