Writers Wanted!

Writers Wanted!

Writers wanted

We are looking for some talented writers (or just people who love dogs) to join the Two Little Cavaliers Team! These are not for one off articles this is for a continuous weekly post for 2013. You can sent them over weekly or a few at a time. Pictures are awesome and articles should be between 300 – 1,000 words. You are responsible for sending them over to us in time to get them up.

Writers Wanted! Two Little Cavaliers is looking for you to join our team! Talented writers photographers or just animals lovers looking to share their love.

1. A Book Reviewer – Someone who has the time to read at least a book a week and write up a review. You can choose if you will read e-books or only hard copies (paperback generally) of the book. The books you review would be yours to keep. Whoa nelly! We have already had 5 people jump on this one. Glad to see so many people still love to read! We will let you know if we need any more but for now I think we are good.

2. A Travel Writer – Someone who travels with their dog(s) often. What you need to make a great great travel writer pictures, lots of travel, tips, places to visit, etc. If you don’t have a dog but are willing to figure out dog friendly things to do in the places you visit that works for us too! Will sometimes be offered travel accessories to review. Review item would be yours to keep. All review items would be yours to keep.

3. A Fashion Writer for Dogs – Someone who has a dog that already regularly dress up. As long as the articles are about fashion and pets we don’t care what you write about. Will sometimes be given the option to review clothing for their dog. All review items are yours to keep.

4. A Dog Show Writer / Breed Enthusiast – We don’t care what breed. You must regularly attend dog shows as a breeder, owner, or handler (junior handler would be awesome) or be willing to attend shows in your area. It doesn’t matter what country you are located in. You must receive permission from owners to photograph their dogs so they can be posted.You can write about topics that affect purebred dogs or dogs in general. You can do interviews (we can help set them up if you have someone specific in mind), follow a dog on their dog show journey, whatever you would like.

5. A Crafts Writer – We here at Two Little Cavaliers are desperate for a crafts writer! There are so many cool things crafty people can make for their dogs or as gifts for dog lovers but I can’t sew so we are looking for someone who loves to do projects and is willing to take pictures of them. You don’t need to be able to write you can send us the directions and pictures and we can add more text. We may be able to get you access to crafting supplies.

5. A Rescue Writer – Someone to write about all things rescue! Cool events, a specific dog, highlight a rescue, the sky is the limit.

6. A Photographer – I know this isn’t a writing one but I would love to get to use high quality pictures of dogs in exchange for helping to promote the artists work. We can do themed posts ie only white dogs one week, only Labradors another, dogs with wagging tails, dogs with a happy smile, dogs playing in fall leaves. You get the idea. Lots of great quality pictures. And possibly some tips posts for how to best photograph your pet.

Email us at [email protected] with the subject “Writers Wanted” and let us know what section you would like to write for

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