I’m a Dog, You’re a Cat Love Lessons from Our Furry Friends

I’m a Dog, You’re a Cat

Love lessons from our Furry Friends

by: Marla Press

I'm a Dog, You're a Cat

A dating, relationship book that finally makes sense of all the issues we humans have with interpersonal relationships. Apparently, it is not about your gender differences but your species differences that matter. Through humorous illustrations and simple descriptions most if not all your relationship questions are answered by knowing the answers to the following questions.

Are you a Cat or a Dog?

Is your partner a Cat or a Dog?

I went to the website www.imadogyoureacat.com to take the cat or dog quiz that Ms. Press offers on her website. The results were not terribly surprising. I am a cat in nature and temperament. I think my spouse would agree. I am happy to watch him work and lay about in the warm sunshine. When we take our dog to the duck blind, I would rather drink hot coffee, feed the dog and watch the sunrise than wade out and put out decoys. I like hunting and fishing but it just isn’t my end all reason for being as it seems with him. He understands me though when I need to be in my cat cave and be like Marlene Dietrich. The best thing about this little book is that the personality types of both cat and dog relate to more than just your boyfriend, girlfriend, married, relationships. These also apply to your boss, the postman, the grocery check-out girl who never smiles, your coworkers. Imagine if everyone took this little quiz and learned to be more aware of each other’s “catness” or “dogiliciousness”.

How much better off would we all be if we took the I’m a Dog, You’re a Cat quiz?

I enjoyed this book simply for the humorous examples of relationships and the illustrations that went along with it. I found myself recognizing certain traits that I see in my friends relationships as well as my own. I think this little book would make a great gift for a few of my dear friends’ birthdays.

See for yourself and download the excerpt from the www.imadogyoureacat.com website. You can purchase I’m a Dog, You’re a Cat by Book Masters Press at the following website: http://www.bookmasters.com/marktplc/04047.htm

Did you take the Quiz? Are you a dog or a cat?

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I received a copy of I’m a Dog, You’re a Cat for review from the publisher in exchange for my opinion no other form of compensation was provided and all opinions are my own.

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