A Very Merry Pinterest Christmas

A Very Merry Pinterest Christmas

A very merry Pinterest Christmas

Would your loved one or friend know exactly what to get you for the holidays by visiting your pinterest boards?
For the past few weeks I have been hearing radio talk show hosts, bloggers, and people at the store all saying that they are stalking their loved ones Pinterest Boards for gift ideas. I am sure you have heard it too how to have a Very Merry Pinterest Christmas.

While I think that is a great idea and you would probably find some pretty awesome gifts that way it could also lead to a lot of confusion and a not very merry Pinterest Christmas. First they would find I am dog obsessed ok no confusion there and anyone who knows me would already know that. But I am an indiscriminate pin-er of dogs and puppies. Even if I know they would be the absolutely wrong breed for me I still pin them because I do love all dogs and puppies I just know they would not be the right choice for me. Plus now is really not a good time for a new addition. But if someone didn’t know that they might think I really want a new dog and try to figure out what kind of dog from my Pinterest Board or think any dog would be the perfect gift for me.

How to not have A very Merry Pinterest Christmas? If you are anything like me when you pin something you don’t necessarily change the “caption” on something before re-pinning. Yes you might like it or like the statement it made but you aren’t quite as enthusiastic about the item. So let’s take the following Pin as an example. This is the caption: “Beautiful Center Hill lake is located in Middle Tennessee in the Cumberland Mountains. Counties surrounding the lake, Smith (Where I was born), Putman, Dekalb, Warren & White”. Umm no I most certainly wasn’t born in Tennessee and have never visited this lake or even know where it is. Might a quiet vacation there be nice? Yes. But not really on the top of my list of places to visit.

Or this one. The Caption say: “thor’s well, oregon. I need to see this.” NEED to see it? It it gorgeous and if I happen to be on the west coast anywhere within a 2 or 3 hour drive (with access to a car) then yes I would like to go and see it but not plan a vacation around the visit.

But if you were to dig further into my favorite places and spaces board and see all of the pictures of Asia specifically Hong Kong and Thailand and then realize that I also have a board labeled Asian you could be thinking along the right lines for where I would love to go on a dream vacation. You could even see a home similar to my dream house. The house is built around a water feature with walkways and grass areas. The area is completely surrounded by the house and since my dogs know how to swim but generally choose not to they could sit in the sun (or shade) all day long.

There is one Pinterest Board of mine that you could turn over to an interior decorator and with the inspiration from the board design the entire interior portion of a home I would be in love with no matter what the outside looked like or where in the world it was located. That wold be my Interior Design Board

Do you have one Pinterest Board that if someone bought you anything from that board or a combination of things that no matter what they would get you the perfect gift?

Just so there is no confusion and I can’t get in trouble this post is in no way associated with Pinterest. It is merely to show that some people might not be having a very merry Pinterest Christmas or they could be having a very funny Pinterest Christmas.

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  1. Jodi, Kolchak & Felix says:

    I would whole heartedly love anything on my personal boards. The things on my blog boards? Maybe not as much. It’s all cool stuff, but I don’t want to be the person that has canine styled knick knacks everywhere.
    Jodi, Kolchak & Felix recently posted..Advent Calendar for Dog Lovers Day 11: Jones Natural ChewsMy Profile

  2. Hmm, interesting question. I think I’ll go take another look at my board and make some changes….JUST IN CASE~

  3. I use Pinterest for blogging purposes only so I guess I would be in big trouble if someone used my Pin boards for holiday shopping! LOL
    Leila recently posted..Fighting Dirty Dishes and Dirty Sponges this HolidayMy Profile

  4. OMG – LOVE the sunken pool livingroom!!!
    Jeana recently posted..Teach Your Kids About Charitable Giving AND Afford to DO ITMy Profile

  5. I have a pinterest board titled “I want” that I created for my boyfriend. He usually waits until the week before my birthday or christmas and asks me what i’d like as a gift and I can never think of anything. So he suggested that I start keeping a list of things when I see them in stores or online that I’d like so that when it’s a gift giving time he can just use the list so I created a pinterest board instead of keeping a physical list.
    Emily recently posted..Flower Muse Fresh Flower ReviewMy Profile

  6. I just made a board of items I would love yesterday! I think it’s a fabulous way to help out those who want to know what you want:-)
    Jeannette recently posted..Would Your Rather-Be-Shopping? Well Now You Can be With this Great Money Saving Site and App!My Profile

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