Beam N Read Your Solution for Late Night Potty Walks

Beam N Read Your Solution for Late Night Potty Walks

Beam N Read

The Beam N Read LED 6 Deluxe Hands Free Light wasn’t necessarily created so that you could have a light to walk your dog late at night it just happens to be a great solution. For myself I sometimes find it rather difficult to juggle the two leash and a flashlight especially if I also need to deal with a poop bag. Ok fine I also have to pick Davinia up to walk over the thresh hold of the apartment so she doesn’t start barking and telling the neighbors how excited she is about going out for a walk. I can put her leash on at the door and can put her down as soon as the door is closed but apparently we take too long to get outside. Which means I wind up going out without a flashlight which is not the biggest deal here because the community is well lite at night but we stay very close to the street. With the Beam N Read you just put it around your neck decide if you need 3 led lights to go on or if you need all 6 because you have a garbage eater and off you go on your walk. Your hands are free to control the leashes, pick up poop, or whatever else you might need to deal with. You can check for frogs or snakes and no matter what color your winter jacket is any car will be able to see you.

The Beam N Read is a great item to have around if the power goes out so you can see where you are going. Flashlights are great but once again they do not leave your hands free to do the other things you need to do at that moment. For prolonged power outages the Beam N Read is perfect to put around your neck while you hold on to a banister going up and down stairs. Knowing you have a Beam N Read in your desk at work during an emergency will make you the most popular person in the office able to lead everyone down and out of the building to safety. For new parents you can put the Beam N Read around your neck with one of the color filters so that you have just enough light to check on the new baby but not enough to wake it up while sleeping. It’s great for checking on things in the far corner of the unfinished basement or finding something in the attic buried under layers of files. This would also be perfect for someone who travels overseas a lot and needs to get work done on the plane. When they turn the lights off for everyone to sleep you can take out your Beam N Read and you will not disturb anyone while you are getting your work done or reading that great book or trying to get something out of the bag under your seat. Here are some other uses for the Beam N Read!

Beam N Read

I knew the Beam N Read was going to arrive right before Thanksgiving so I had it shipped to my parents house. It had arrived the day before and was waiting for us when we arrived on Wednesday. I opened it up and took it out of the box and the first thing my mom said was my dad was looking at something similar at the store the last time they went shopping together. Then when I turned it on and she checked it out she said Oh I have been thinking about starting to do Needlepoint again but I need something so that I can see the stitching better. Score! My mom now has a solution to her need for extra lighting while she is stitching. A while later we realized that the electric carver from the 1970’s wasn’t working (you know it was from the 70’s because of the tell tale green and cream color) and my dad wanted me to look in the phone book to see if a specific store in town was still open that night or if it would be open in the morning so we could get a new one. I told him no I couldn’t look but he could look with the help of the magnifying glass that comes with the Beam N Read. We was able to see the number and read it without any difficulty and if it had been properly attached to the Beam N Read and if it had been around his neck he could have found the number himself and called the store because his hands would have been free to dial the number.

Since grandma and grandma are going to be puppy sitting next week I told my parents to keep the Beam N Read so they could use it when walking their dog this week to check for frogs to make sure they are really gone and the girls don’t have to go to the kennel. Even with the outside lights on they can’t see the difference between a little stone and the frogs in their area until it is too late and one of my girls eats it their dog could care less about the little frogs but all my dogs know is that something that was not moving before suddenly jumped up at them and they go into hunting mode and before you can react the frog is in their mouths. They went out with the Beam N Read and determined for themselves that they did not see any frog during Whisper’s night time potty walk and so they can puppy sit while I am at a Blogging Event. Yay! Beam N Read! I know it is going to get so much use by both of my parents.

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What would you use your Beam N Read for?

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  1. Lots of ideas here for using this…I can see my mom using it when she crochets…and definitely for those moonlight strolls I sometimes need…would love to win one!
    Gizmo (@GizmoGeodog) recently posted..WORDLESS WEDNESDAY – HIKE AT SADDLE CREEKMy Profile

  2. I sometimes read my Kindle at night but I am addicted to using my smartphone at night so it would be used for that mostly.

  3. I never have enough light when I read before I go to sleep and those so called “book lights” don’t give off enough light.

    Beam N Read would be perfect for me. And, i’d be using it as it’s name says.

  4. My mother-in-law would love this because she reads her Kindle Fire in bed but feels she needs a bit more light!

  5. DEFINITELY would use for late night walks with my two bichons!!! It would be excellent for that…one never knows what one will find out there!! xo Jeanne. Chloe and LadyBug
    Jeanne Pursell recently posted..Let’s Talk About Snoozer Scalloped Dog Ramp!!My Profile

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