Hurricane Sandy and Your Pets – 5 Tips

At this hour up and down the East Coast we know our readers are waiting for Hurricane Sandy to hit and you want to know how to keep yourself and your pets safe.

Hurricane Sandy

People are feeling the effects as far south as Georgia where temperatures have been plunging and will reach 36 degrees tonight in Atlanta further north in the state they are expecting snow and North Carolina and Virginia are expecting record snowfalls of 1 to 2 feet while further up the coast they are seeing temperatures spike and are bracing for a direct hit with sustained winds of up to 90 miles an hour in New York City with major flooding on Long Island and the New Jersey Coast.

5 Tips for Hurricane Sandy

Along with any of your important documents if you have not already – place your pet’s paperwork in a giant Ziploc type bag to keep them from getting wet in case a window is blown out, your home floods, or something happens to your roof and it begins to rain in. Paperwork for pets should include vaccination history, microchip number, pictures or your pets, and any special instructions you need first responders to know like medical issues or medication your pet is taking.

Keep your pet as far from the outside action as possible. Even pets that normally are not bothered by rainstorms often develop fears during a Hurricane. They can feel the pressure dropping from the Hurricane more then we can and they have more sensitive ears so can hear the Hurricane sooner then you can. Make sure to pay attention to their needs and any signals they might be showing of stress.

Allow your pets to stay in the same area that you are in so they don’t feel like they are being left alone. If you have a crate for your pets even if they don’t use them regularly now would be the time to put in a few pillows or blankets for them and cover the outside of the crate so that they can go in and feel safe. Don’t have a crate an interior closet will work just as well. You can also put some toys in there for them along with a water bowl.

Even if cellphones work, wireless networks may be overloaded by people calling to check in on each other or surfing the Web. That’s why cellphone companies recommend text messaging rather than calling in any disaster, because text messages use much less network capacity. They also don’t use much battery power which means that if you power does not come back on right away you will potentially be able to stay in touch with loved ones longer.

If the power goes out or flooding occurs in your area the tap water might become contaminated. The contaminates in the water could effect your pets in the same way they effect you. If you have not already fill up your bathtub with potable water for later. You can use this water as drinking water for your pet, to brush your teeth, or if you have the ability to boil water for cooking, you can also use this water to clean your body while getting rid of debris in and around your home after the storm has passed.

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  1. One positive note – New York City shelters set up because of Sandy allows you to keep your pets with you.

    Hope all are well and the pups and cats are inside and safe.

  2. Stacey Monroe says:

    Great advice! I hope and pray for all on the East coast.


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