SuperZoo Grooming Competition

SuperZoo Grooming Competition is in full swing

SuperZoo Grooming Section

Today was the first day of SuperZoo in Las Vegas which means the SuperZoo Grooming Competition has begun. This competition highlights the best groomers in the industry and allows them to go out all to prove just how good they are. There are so many different classes in this competition I am not going to name them all suffice it to say there are a lot of professionals hoping to take home the grand prize of $10,000!

superzoo poodle

There are no pictures available online from anyone from today’s competition so I thought I would take you on a trip down memory lane with some great pictures from past SuperZoo Grooming Competitions. As you can see there are traditional classes and artistic classes depending on what the groomer would like to enter in. Because of their coat and their personalities and the fact that they are used to much more fussing on a regular basis to keep their coats looking great it is the Poodles who always tend to take center stage in the artistic categories.

Superzoo Grooming Competition

All of the material used in the competition is pet safe and non toxic in order to ensure that the dogs are not harmed in the name of winning the competition. These are also well trained dogs ones that have been groomed and pampered since they were puppies so when it comes to big time competitions like this they are old pros and not acting like wiggly puppies when the groomer has the scissors or is trying to paint on them.

Super Zoo regular class grooming

Even back in our Conformation show days Indiana was much more of a wash and go dog and I have no idea how I would have handled a dog that required truly extensive grooming. I can show groom a Chinese Crested but even a Cocker Spaniel like the one in the picture above might be more grooming then I would be willing to do.

Dog Jurasic Park

Groomers create their own fantasy world when it comes to going all the way at SuperZoo. Not only do they groom their dog to perfection but they include backgrounds and props too!

Dog as a snake

Anyone call for a dog in a red barret with a snake down its back? How about a Dog with a zebra on its back and a lion mane for its head. I guess the groomer was going for a Chimera type look.

Dog Zebra and Lion

Would your dog enjoy being at a competition as the center of attention or would they prefer to stay home and watch it on tv with you?

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  1. Oh my, had not heard of such thing till now. Fascinating to groom and dress up your pet to look like another animal. Interesting. I don’t think my dog had the patience to be dress up like these. Thanks for sharing.
    Aries recently posted..Upset Over HairMy Profile

    • Most dogs would never have the patience to get groomed like this. They have to be trained from a puppy to not only enjoy bath and grooming time but to be ok spending hours on the grooming table.

  2. Wish I was there

  3. How fun!

  4. Wow. I’m not sure I like the artistic category but that’s cool that groomers have a place to go and compete with each other. I get dogs that don’t even require brushing LOL.
    Kathleen recently posted..Family Entertainment Extravaganza Sneak PeekMy Profile

  5. OMG these are all fantastic! I don’t think Trixie would be able to stay still for such meticulous work, and I’m pretty sure her fur doesn’t suit this kind of stuff… she’d probably be more content watching it at home with me.

    But I can’t lie… I’m tempted to Kool-Aid dye her little mohawk all the time! One year, for Halloween, I’m gunna!
    Suburban Style Challenge recently posted..Random Outfits: AugustMy Profile

    • Kool aid is a little too stinky on a dogs coat. You can try non-toxic washable kids blow pens. I think your dogs coat is light enough it would show up. If you want something bolder has a fun product. It will not come off on your couch or on your kids clothing but will wash out completely with soap and water or just fade over time.

  6. That is really talent! My mother in laws friend does these shows with their dalmations!
    Bri @ Eco Baby Mama Drama recently posted..Growing Your Own VegetablesMy Profile

    • Wow! That is certainly starting at a disadvantage! All they can use is dye and add-ons not much fur to groom there.

  7. Wow. I don’t think I’d do that to my pets but they are certainly unique.
    Ellen Christian recently posted..Finding Nemo 3D opens in theaters September 14 & FREE Finding Nemo Activity SheetsMy Profile

  8. It is quite amusing and creative
    Lena – @elenka29 recently posted..Keeping Kids Creative Sponsor SpotlightMy Profile

  9. I would love to go to one of the shows. A fancy do is out of the question for my dog though. He’d have a fit. He comes home traumatized from a regular shampoo and cut.
    Taylor recently posted..Azature Black Diamond Nail PolishMy Profile

  10. How much fun is that!
    Melissa recently posted..Wreck-It Ralph!My Profile

  11. I like the Lion/Zebra the fun. If I HAD a dog, I am sure the dog would love the event…cuz I would! HA!
    Still Blonde after all these YEARS recently posted..Fashionista Events Fall Giveaway 2012 Announcement, Oct. 11-17My Profile

  12. Pretty cool.

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