I am a Crappy Dog Mom #notacrappymom

I am a crappy dog mom.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy

Indiana at about 4 weeks old

Let’s face it no one is going to award me doggy mom of the year.

I let Davinia and Indiana sleep in bed with me because when they were puppies they cried or jumped on the bed all night while I tried to keep them on the floor. So I gave in and they sleep on the bed. Not only that but they insist on sleeping on my pillow. And then Indiana decides she is going to be a baby and cry because she doesn’t want to jump on the bed herself I will pick her up and put her on the bed. They generally choose to sleep on the bed now but sometimes they like to sleep under the bed. They choose. Even though we have a Queen Size bed for the three of us I usually only get the very end and they get the rest.

Cavalier puppy on the couch

Indiana curled up on a pile of pillows on the couch

I don’t feed the most expensive dog food, I don’t cook them dinner every night, they don’t get a raw diet either. We have been through at least a dozen different brands and several varieties within the brands and the most expensive ones gives Indiana upset stomachs or Davinia just plain refuses to eat them after the first bag. They eat food that agrees with Indiana’s tummy and Davinia is willing to eat. As soon as that stops I am back at the store looking for the next kind of food that they can both eat. We tried me cooking for them but Indiana got sick and then a vet (who we never went back to) said I was going to kill my dogs by home cooking. We don’t feed raw because when I tried we did chicken wings and Indiana didn’t think it was important to chew and basically swallowed the thing whole so the next night I pulled the fat off and threw it away, the meat was taken off the bone and broken up in the bowls and then I broken the bones apart to only for them to finish it in about 10 seconds after 10 minutes of me playing with raw chicken. They do get marrow bone occasionally now, they often get bites of whatever I am eating as long as there are no raw onions, chocolate, grapes or raisins.

crappy dog mom

Davinia and Indiana in pajamas

I am a crappy dog mom because I put pajamas on them in the winter and it is cold in the house instead of turning the heat way up. I also put jackets on them in the winter for walks when it is cold and I am in a jacket too.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Davinia exploring outside

Indiana still (at 7 years old) pees on the carpet in the middle of the night sometimes instead of waking me. Even though she is perfectly capable of crying when she wants back into the bed after jumping out. I am a crappy dog mom for not locking her in a crate at night where she will cry (yes she cries real tears) just so that she will not pee on the carpet.

Felissa, Davinia, and Indiana

Felissa, Davinia, and Indiana

I am a crappy dog mom because Davinia and Indiana are from a Reputable Breeder and not rescues. I can track their lineage and family health back generations. I have met their moms and their grandma and played with them. I know that their breeder produces dogs that live long healthy lives and I also know what to look out for and keep an eye on in terms of genetic issues. I had their hearts tested by a cardiologist when Davinia was 5 and Indiana was 4. They both have very strong hearts that will last them a very long time. Their grandma was 16 when she died and their moms are both 14 happy and healthy. I would get another female dog from their breeder in a heartbeat

I make decisions that are right for US. They might not be the right decisions for you and your dogs. But they are my decisions that a lot of time, research, and thought went into. Yes, please feel free to call me a crappy dog mom if you would like

Are you a perfect dog mom?

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  1. You’re not a crappy dog mom! Having them sleep in bed with you, for them, is like keeping them part of the pack. At least that’s what hubs and I tell ourselves about Trixie sleeping with us 😉

    And what’s wrong with keeping them warm AND saving on energy?! NOTHING! That’s what!

    And good for you for being smart about choosing a breeder and choosing one that provided you the information to trace the line back for generations. Far better than going to a pet store and getting a puppy bred in a mill. And rescue isn’t right for everyone, even when it’s a breed-specific rescue. You made a good decision going with a reputable breeder over some of the other options.

    I probably don’t feed my dog the best food out there. There’s definitely stuff out there that’s better for her than what she’s on. But it’s what I can afford and is better than some of the “candy” that’s out there. I still try and make sure to buy treats, toys and chews made in the US (or at the very least AVOID China-made products), so at least I’m doing that right.

    You do what you can. And you know what? They still love you for it… to them, you’re their world. If someone out there says you’re not the best dog mom, remind them that your pups aren’t tied out back with chains grown into their neck and their spine sticking out because they’re starving. THAT is a BAD DOG OWNER!!
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  2. I think a lot of people, who don’t even have pets, like to judge- especially on the breeder vs rescue forefront. We have both rescues and purebreds here, and we STILL are judged. As far as dressing them in jackets and sleeping on the bed, that’s all about what works in your home- some people frown on the bed issue because it leads top other behavioral problems- I say, if you are a caring and intelligent pet parent, you understand cause and effect and will adjust accordingly. Just like kids and parenting, there is no right path, it’s all about what works for you. Nobody else will be taking care of them or loving them, than you!

  3. Your dogs are adorable. I know that being the perfect parent isn’t easy or obtainable.
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  4. MilShelb Mom says

    Well, if you are a crappy dog Mom, then so am I! haha! I do many of the things you do. My dogs are my heart and soul and I would do anything for them. They sleep in the bed too. They pee on the floor (more than I’d like to admit). They refuse to wear jackets and would rather shiver and I let them get away with it. They crack me up! Life is better with dogs and as long as your doggy mom lifestyle fits your life- that’s all that matters. 🙂

  5. I don’t think you are a crappy dog mom. Your dogs look like they love and adore you.

  6. You are an awesome doggy mom! Are you kidding me? THE BEST!!!!!!
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  7. I think you are an excellent dog mom. You give your dogs just what they need which is love. I’d like to be your dog, anyone can see you love them!!
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  8. You are much better mom than I am. Believe me
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  9. You’re not at all a crappy Cav mommy! Or maybe I’m telling you that to feel better about myself. LOL! Our little guy, a tri-color now 8 years old, is a rescue but we couldn’t love him anymore and care for him any better if he was a registered pure breed from the world’s best breeder. He has slept in bed with us from day one and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We are careful with his diet only because he has a wheat and corn allergy. Thankfully, the only food he has met that he doesn’t like is celery…Lol…so he eats the “health” food with no problem. He has no metabolism and can gain weight faster than I can, yet he’s a chow hound and we have to limit his snacks and treats to carrots and fresh green beans…he goes crazy for both. The only time he has ever been in his crate is when we travel and then he’s in a crate big enough for a great dane and it’s fitted with a doggie bed. The reason we do that when we travel is because he came to rescue 20 lbs overweight with hip and knee issues so bad he couldn’t walk. His foster mom wouldn’t take no for an answer and took him to 3 vets before one agreed to do surgeries on him to help his mobility. This little stinker went through 3 surgeries before we adopted him 5 years ago and while he walks with a slight hitch in his giddy-up he’s perfect to us. He plays like a puppy, has the best disposition and loves life. Is he spoiled, oh, hell yeah! His dad is worse at it then me, but that’s ok…the amount of love he gives us knows no limits. I’ve had dogs all my life…always rescues and mostly goldens, but this little boy has stolen my heart like no other.

  10. Well, you’re going to have to fight me for Crappy Dog Mom title if that’s the criteria for grading. Two days after dh is away for an extended business trip, my Cavalier is in the bed with me. Four years of perfectly crate trained dog out the window because I’m scared of things that go bump in the night.
    I had to laugh about your vet saying you’d kill your dogs with your cooking. Here’s how I cook for my girl when she’s sick. Get some broiled, deboned, skinless chicken from COSTCO and freeze it. Use your rice cooker (get a rice cooker as they’re amazingly easy, and cheap. I can’t cook rice from scratch to save my life) to cook some white rice (blander), and freeze resultant cooked rice as well. When dog is sick, mix about half frozen rice and half frozen cooked chicken in a microwave safe bowl, and nuke till warm. If too warm, cool with a little tap water. Viola, dog recovers (if it’s minor stomach upset). I’m telling you it works like a charm. Bonus: I buy HUMAN GRADE ALREADY COOKED chicken that I can use for casseroles, salads, etc., for us humans as well. Your dogs will love you for it.

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