eShakti Review and Giveaway Even Doggy Moms Need to Dress Up

eShakti Review and Giveaway Customized Clothes at off the rack prices

That’s the best way to describe eShakti. Their tag line is “We Design. You customize.” For most people I know you will never have an occasion to walk into a tailor and have a dress or any other outfit designed from picking out the fabric to choosing the style you want the outfit to be. Here in the US it is just TOO expensive to have a dress custom designed for you. Having lived in Hong Kong I did get to have a dress and a pant suit made for me. Literally. I went to the fabric market, picked out the fabric I liked, ask the fabric seller if he knew a tailor, walked over to the tailors building, and began measurements and looking through the design catalogs, the fittings, addition of piping, and frog clasps that actually open and close. Even having the dress made in Hong Kong it was still expensive. The outcome is the purple dress in this picture (I don’t have a full length picture at least on this computer.)

Felissa and Hanie

Now you are asking what fashion and dogs have to do with each other and have I lost my mind. Not really. Even dog moms who might normally wear a jogging suit all day still need to get dressed up once in a while. There are blogging conferences, expos we want to attend, and family events we need to go to even if dressing up isn’t your thing. eShakti makes things really easy for you. Just head on over to their site and choose a dress. I was asked to pick out 3 customize them and then they would choose which one they would like to have me review. I started with this dress it was knee length and has cap sleeves.

eshakti review dress

Even if you want the dress you choose as is you input your height so that no matter if you are super petite or on the women’s basketball team your dress will fit YOU! You can choose to take your measurements and input them into the system or you can choose the standard sizes (which I think are pretty true to size- I could have ordered the smaller size for a better fit my fault not theirs). I chose to spend more time with the dogs then going out to the store and trying on a bunch of dresses to see what size I really needed. The event I wanted the dress for is always held in a very cold hotel ballroom so I wanted sleeves. There were 5 options including the one I chose which was 3/4 length. I hate knee length dresses on me I am constantly tugging at them and I wasn’t going to go shorter so I had 2 options left below the knee or mid calf I went with mid calf figuring it would help keep me warmer.

eshakti Review gridlock city dress plus size

The picture was supposed to be me in the dress so you could see it for a better idea and would have been better for the eShakti Review. If I had the dress last week a picture of me in walking the dogs would have been possible. This week. No go. I don’t have a floor length mirror and I felt funny getting all dressed, putting the dogs on leashes, and then knocking on a neighbors door begging them to take a pic. For those of you with dogs that sleep on the bed you know that to keep my new dress as fur free as possible that laying it out on the bed is also not an option. So this one will have to do just hanging on the hanger. The sleeve are a little wide for me but would probably have been better if I actually ordered the proper size. I might have the dress taken in before I wear it to BarkWorld or bring it with me to BlogPaws but like I said my fault for ordering a size too big. Truth is I would absolutely order for them and will be recommending then to some friends who I know will love the customization so they can wear cute trendy styles but tend to wear more modest clothing.

eshakti review

eShakti clothing is made in Chennai, India how cool is that! Maybe someday I will get to visit it is on my bucket list of places to see well all of India not the eShakti factory but that would be awesome too. They ship via DHL and you do need to sign for it or have someone who is available to sign for it.

Now that you know what I thought about the dress (will try and update this post at some point with pictures of me in the dress). Check out what these other Bloggers had to say in their eShakti Review and how they customized their dresses:

Like what you have heard about eShakti? Enter to win this AMAZING $930 total prize package Giveaway! I wish I could enter this one so I could have a dress for every season.

1st place prize: one winner will receive a dress each season for the year. (estimated $430 value)
2nd place prize: three winners will pick the dress of their choice
3rd place prize: three winners will pick the skirt or top of their choice

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This dress was provided for me to review by eShakti in collaboration with the Fashionista Blogger group hosted by Still Blonde After All These Years and ModlyChic. Fashionista Giveaway Event bloggers are not responsible for sponsors that do not fulfill their prizes.

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  1. That’s a beautiful dress! The boots are a great accessory choice!

  2. Wonderful Giveaway !!

  3. Mary Mirvis says:

    I love the red tux front crepe dress!

  4. I love the retro twill shirtdress!

  5. john mains says:

    Bird on a branch skirt

  6. I like the Double breasted boucle check jacket

  7. kathy dunaway says:

    I love the Float Like A Butterfly dress.I would wear a cardi or jacket over it for colder weather. Thanks for the giveaway:)

  8. I love the Tree for the Birds dress.


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