Welcome to the Extreme Pet Bloggers Blog Hop

Extreme Pet Bloggers Blog Hop


This event is a part of the weekly Pet Bloggers Blog Hop which has been going on every weekend since April of 2010! I decided that the Pet Bloggers Blog Hop needed to throw a party and so we are. It is called the Extreme Pet Bloggers Blog Hop and all Bloggers with Pets are welcome to join us and introduce their pets and their blogs. There will be meeting and greeting, lots and lots of giveaways, and promotion of animal rescues and shelters around the world. Unlike a regular Blog Hop that is really set up for ONLY Bloggers to participate this event will encourage reader participation even if you don’t have your own blog if you have a Facebook account, Twitter account, if you are addicted to Pinterest check out our two adoptable pet boards and consider repinning any of the pets that you see there. These boards will be added to throughout the week so don’t forget to stop back and check them out.

Pet Bloggers Blog Hop

My name is Felissa I am 32 years old and live in Gainesville, Georgia (that’s about an hour North of Atlanta, Georgia) with my two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Davinia and Indiana. I have a BA in History and an MBA in Operations Management. It is with help and inspiration from Davinia and Indiana that Two Little Cavaliers was created in February 2010.

Meet Davinia

Davinia is the older of the Two Little Cavaliers. She turned 8 in April. When I got her she was about 8 months old and a tiny little thing which is why the breeder decided to send her to live with us. She loves long walks, swimming in anything but the swimming pool, and food. Yes she finally found a love of food though she decides what she will eat. She loves to cuddle and spend quiet time with everyone. She prefers adults to screaming children but loves to say hello to quiet children who are ready to pet her or offer her a treat. She might even roll on her back for a belly rub. Davinia has a lot to say and when we are outside she will let you know.

Indiana at grandma and grandpa's house
Meet Indiana:

Indiana is my Tomboy Diva Dog and will be celebrating her 7th Birthday in September. She knows she is beautiful as random people have come up to us since she was a puppy and told her so. She will even pose for you if you tell her how pretty she is. She loves to play, eat anything not bolted down which can get sort of gross sometimes. She loves to play with everyone and give them kisses. She loves little children and her tail will wag a million miles an hour for anyone who will pet and cuddle with her.

Check out these AMAZING Giveaways!
Each Giveaway has 2 prizes! The first prize goes to the winner chosen by Random.org. That winner then chooses their favorite rescue or shelter who will also be sent a special package! We have lots of food, treats, cat litter, and so much more. This is just the beginning of the list of Giveaways there will be even more sponsors added tomorrow and throughout this week long event!

Join us and leave the link directly to the post introducing yourself, your blog, and your pet(s) to everyone! Make sure it is a direct link to the post and not just to your blog.

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Welcome to the Pet Bloggers Blog Hop! This is is a weekly event to help you connect with other Bloggers with pets. Whether you are a seasoned blogger who occasionally talks about your pet, one who loves reading pet blogs, or if you’re just thinking about starting your own blog – there is definitely something here for you. Acquaint yourself and enjoy – this is your resource, so use it as you see fit!

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You only need to add your link once to be seen on all the Pet Blogger Blog Hop Linky Tools for that week. If your blog is not pet related your link will be removed. Also note that only one post per blog is acceptable, and links promoting giveaways that are unrelated to the pet blogger hop will be removed. This is a weekly community building event and not a promotional vehicle.

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Grab the “Pet Bloggers Blog Hop” button in our sidebar and include it in your Saturday Blog hop post so that your readers will know what is going on. You can also grab the Extreme Pet Bloggers Blog op Button to tell everyone you are partying with us!

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Follow your co-hosts Of the Pet Bloggers Blog Hop listed in the first 3 slots of the Linky Tool.
Follow as many other blogs on the linky as you’d like.
Following could mean via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, their daily newsletter, or any other place they happen to be interacting on the web.
Take a moment to comment on the other blogs that are linking for the Pet Bloggers Blog Hop telling them you’re visiting from the blog hop.
Make friends learn new things watch awesome animal videos and grow your blog.
(Next week the Blog Hop will appear on its regular night and time.)

If your pet has their own twitter account or you tweet mostly about pets leave the link to your twitter account so we can all follow each other. Don’t forget to follow back!!!!

If you think your friends would enjoy this event don’t forget to share!

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  1. Thanks Felissa for doing another awesome job!
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  3. Can’t wait to learn a bit about other bloggers (and see the giveaways). Thanks for hosting!
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  4. Thanks for hosting its great !!

  5. Thank you for hosting this Blog hop. Great Job.
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  6. Great job Felissa.

  7. Aack! I accidentally signed in under the give-away section first instead of the blog hop participants section. I am so sorry. Could you please remove me from the give-away section. I was so excited about finally figuring out how to participate in a blog hop that I rushed and didn’t read carefully. My fourth grade students would just love to find out that their teacher didn’t follow directions. Once again, I am so sorry.

    • All fixed! Sorry about that the prize list is only open because I am adding some more awesome prizes for this event!. Thanks you for stopping by to link up!

  8. Love to join I hope I did this correctly as I am challenged
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  9. My first time at the hop. This looks like fun. Happy Saturday!
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