Penny’s Boggs Mountain Shelter Happy Ending

Penny's Boggs Mountain Shelter Happy Ending

As many of you already know Boggs Mountain Shelter was Shut Down by Georgia Bureau of Investigation the very same shelter that my parents adopted their dog Whisper from. After the initial shock and hurt the local community felt, and the outrage expressed by rescue groups and animal lovers across the US, the local community will be left to pick up the pieces and rebuild the shelter that is so desperately needed and has done so much good in the community it was created for. To that end I have been reaching out to people who have adopted dogs (and cats) from the shelter asking if they would share their story.

Penny’s Happy Ending

I am not sure how much I can help, but would be happy to share out story about Penny, our little angel.

I am seasonal to Rabun but am active in the community with charities and what-not, and my boyfriend is a permanent resident in Clayton. We have wanted a puppy for a while and always thought we would adopt one. My family has always adopted animals, so I knew that we could find a loving puppy of our own. We went to the community green market and Boggs Mountain had a little booth with a few puppies for adoption. My boyfriend picked up our little baby and she immediately nuzzled up into his neck. One look at them and I couldn’t say no!

Lynn was there and was very helpful and mentioned that Penny’s brother was recently adopted and she wasn’t sure how long Penny would be there. A lucky dog donor/patron from the community saw us with Penny and took $42 from his pocket to help towards the $85 adoption fee. We couldn’t say no, she was just too darn cute! She is now in a loving home with a couple other puppies who belong to my boyfriend’s roommate. She immediately took to the other dogs (2 older females and 1 young mini schnauzer) and loves running around with them and wrestling. We take her everywhere we can and she loves car rides! We take her to the lake to play with other residents’ puppies, where they get to splash around and rough house.

Penny's Boggs Mountain Shelter Happy Ending

We could not have found a more loving puppy, which you can see from the second picture attached. She lets us sleep in on weekends, and likes to nap right on our chest where she can feel our heartbeat. We think of her as our baby, and treat her as such.

I hope this helps, and I can certainly say that knowing many of the local residents, everyone was as shocked and outraged by this scandal as the media.

Thanks for letting us share our story,

If you have a Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter adoption story or a lost dog story and would like to share it with us please email [email protected]

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