Buster’s Boggs Mountain Happy Ending / Pet Bloggers Blog Hop

As many of you already know Boggs Mountain Shelter the very same shelter that my parents adopted their dog Whisper from was Shut Down by Georgia Bureau of Investigation due to unscrupulous behavior by the Director of the facility. After the initial shock and hurt the local community felt, and the outrage expressed by rescue groups and animal lovers across the US, the local community will be left to pick up the pieces and rebuild the shelter that is so desperately needed and has done so much good in the community it was created for. The healing can now begin as the shelter director has officially been fired by unanimous vote by the Board of Directors. It was also announced that the President of the board has resigned. The community around Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter want to pick up the pieces and learn how they can make things right again. They will be holding a protest at the Clayton Courthouse in Raybun County from Noon until 6pm. If you cannot make it and would like to tweet messages of hope and healing to the community please use the hashtag #lostdogsofBoggs. There is talk of building a memorial garden or path in memory of the dogs and cats who were lost as a way to remember and never forget.

I have been reaching out to people who have adopted dogs (and cats) from the shelter asking if they would share their story so that people on the outside can see all of the good this shelter provided the community and that the community wants it to stay open just under new leadership and guidance.

Buster's Boggs Mountain Happy Ending

Buster’ Happy Ending

My name is Kristen, my partner Charity and I liked to go to Boggs Mountain quite often to check out the dogs, maybe play with a few, pet some cats, that sort of thing. Well, one day while we were there doing our usual walk through, we happened on Buster. Buster was energetic and adorable and we couldn’t resist taking him out for a walk, where he proceeded to mark his territory on Charity. Don’t ask me why, but it was then that we knew that we had to take him home. So we started the paperwork and were fully prepared to pay his adoption fees and everything. However, while we were sitting at the desk signing papers and that sort of thing, the lady that was volunteering that day, I wish I could remember her name, slipped a post-it note onto Buster’s, well at the time, his name was No Tail, paperwork.

The note said that she wanted to make our new companion a “Lucky Dog.” We were ecstatic. But the real surprise came when we got Buster home. We were staying with my parents at the time, and I have an older dog, I would guess she’s pushing 11, and she had become to act lethargic and lay around a lot and just really had none of the spark left in her that she used to have. All of that changed when we brought Buster home, he revived something in her, she was like a puppy again. I don’t think that we will ever really know how many extra years Buster has added to Daisy’s life just by inspiring her to be more active and rambunctious. Any way, that’s my story. None of our lives would be quite the same without Buster. Of course he’s stayed here at my parents house with Daisy. She would be the same without “her man.”

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  1. Nothin like a youngin to keep you on your toes 🙂 Every community needs a shelter so I hope new management and community support can pull this one through.

  2. Nice story about Buster ! I hope that they are able to pull together to get the shelter up & running efficiently. I have a “spokespuppy” video that I offer as a donation to shelters/rescues that features one of their own adoptable animals talking about their shelter mission. If you can,,,have Boggs Mountain contact me about one of these videos for their shelter.

  3. What a sweet story!

    It would be nice if the shelter can come through this with a renewed committment to helping the animals in need in that community.

  4. Nice.


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