Search Dog Back in Action After Leg Amputation

Jojo the Search and Recover dog

The six-year-old Search dog was trapped last month after going missing on a walk at Penmaenmawr in Conwy, UK when she took off after a rabbit. Jojo the Spaniel was found stuck to a fence 14 days after going missing. One of the other dogs from the International Training Centre where Jojo lives found her.

The six-year-old had been caught in a fence with just her front paws touching the ground. When she was found she was very weak. Authorities believe that she survived on grass and rainwater. Although initially it was thought she just needed IV fluid, plenty of good food and rest, infection set in and it was decided one of her hind legs would have to be amputated. She also had to have surgery on one of her eyes but that it healing well though she is still on eye drops and medication.

As a Search and Recover Dog Jojo is trained for sniffing out human remains. Which will actually help her get back to and keep her job as a Search and Recover Dog. She can be kept on a long lead and will not be running after suspects or trying to find people that are missing. Her job description makes no mention of her needing to be a 4 legged dog in order to complete her tasks and so her owner is confident she will soon be back in the field completely.

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  1. Remarkable dog.

  2. Stephanie Hungerford says:

    I love these pets help humans, humans help pets stories

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