From Indian Street Dog to Ice Cream Cone Eating Pet / Pet Bloggers Blog Hop

Indian Street Dog to Ice cream eating pet
Meet Rex. He is a former Indian Street dog that was born on the streets of New Delhi India. He was brought back from India by his owners and now lives in Texas. Every month or so he gets to go for a car ride to his favorite place to get an ice cream cone. Its a rare treat for him which he clearly loves.

His owners want you to know before everyone gets all upset that the prong collars on his neck is a training collar that stops him from pulling out of his collar and running away. As a former street dog he has A LOT of fear issues and tends to panic and take off if he is out in public and gets loose from his collar. Its for safety and he ONLY wears it when they are out on adventures or trying to help him see that he is safe out in public now.

What kind of treats do you give your dog(s) to help cool off in the summer?

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  1. funny, when Cici eats ice cream, she kind of goes into a zoned out place, a trance… licks it slowly, unlike when she eats / gobbles down treats and food… hilarious…

  2. LOL, Guess what?? I gave them watermelon today. JR’s had it before but it was Baby Pom’s first taste and they couldn’t get enough of it!
    Whirlwind of Surprises

  3. Michael D. Cudahy says

    Wonderful story! I’ve taken in 6 rescues over the last dozen years, so stories like this resonate with me. I’ve had to use a pinch collar on one dog. Pulled away and pinched himself once – then never again. It startles them more than anything.

  4. I used to think that prong collars were cruel, but I’ve met several dogs that have strong pulling instincts or get spooked quickly. The prong collars keep them present without hurting them. The reason I had such a negative reaction to them was because of the images I’d see of dogs that had been hurt by the collars due to misuse and being too small.

    I love this story and think it’s sweet that this dog has such a special outing to look forward to each month.


  5. Sweet story but I wish he could wear a harness or “Gentle Leader” collar. My Mom used one of those on Cricket yesterday and it worked really good! Cricket usually pulls even worse than me and Mom’s got a bad arm so she had to do SOMETHING!

  6. Harold Gardner says

    Thanks for helping the pups out there.

  7. Looks like he is really enjoying his ice cream. Nice read by the way. I have also encouraged a number of my mates to take in a few rescues too.

    These dogs need a second chance

  8. This is so cute! Whatever collar works best for the owners to keep their dog safe. I know a few dogs that walk really well on pinch collars and tend to strangle themselves and drag their owners with a flat or martingale collar when they see something that they’re interested in.

    Our punk dogs both have fear issues, since they weren’t socialized as puppies. We use martingale collars so they can’t back out of them. We’ve tried a few different harnesses on them and they really don’t like them at all. They can’t even wear collars in the house, Maggie chewed hers off before we had Duke, and now collars last 5 minutes or less if we don’t take them off right away.

  9. I want to be their dog.

  10. Sassy loves any kind of vegetable for a treat! Usually Chili will eat it too, but Ginger usually looks at them like they are crazy. 🙂

  11. That happens to be my dog Rex. And yes he’s a rescue from India. We now have two rescues from India, our new little girl has deformed legs from being run over as a puppy and her legs healed badly. Red is doing GREAT and no longer needs the prong collar, which I have been trained to use CORRECTLY btw. To answer the questions, NO a halter would not have worked with him or Emma either partially due to their body type (think greyhound) and when he would panic he would buck in circles and hurl.himself around to pull out of a collar and then bolt. Neither he nor Emma had positive interactions with people when they were young so when they become scared they do not look to people a safety. Red was also diagnosed with seizures and a panic/anxiety disorder and takes medication daily and the change has been remarkable!! He still LOVES his ice cream treats but only gets them once in about 3 months now…. but his ultimate fave… is cucumbers or carrots that he steals….um…..’stealthily harvests’ from our garden. We now live on a ten acre rural mini farm we bought in Washington state. There are more videos of him (and Emma too) on YouTube and Facebook. If anyone is interested in adopting an Indian dog that can be shipped to your country message me! The group’s that we got them through really are desperate for homes for dogs that have little to no chance for a good home in India. No one wanted Red because they thought something was wrong with him because his ear flopped down…. sad but true, and Emma needed medical attention that she wouldn’t have gotten in India. Thanks for sharing my video! Red was from Red Paws Rescue and Emma was from Desi Curries Worldwide.

  12. Oh… and pardon the auto-incorrect. My kindle fire is really irritating me by changing what I type. My dogs name is Rex. Not red. Lol.

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