Stray Dog Xiaosa Joins Cyclists on 1,242 Mile Journey

Xiaosa the Dog runs across China with bicyclists

A stray dog followed a cross-country bike team for 24 days from southwest China’s Sichuan province to Lhasa in Tibet autonomous region in May and its story has touched many people through the Weibo blog, similar to Twitter, tracking their progress and reporting their story. By the end of their journey on Saturday the account had 40,000 followers. Many of them responded to a photo Xiao Yong posted when they reached their final destination, announcing his decision to adopt the little dog he affectionately names Xiaosa.

Xiao Yong, a Chinese college student from Wuhan, provincial capital of central China’s Hubei, took up a grueling, mountainous bike journey to Tibet with his friends. During a stopover at Yajiang in Sichuan on May 4, he encountered a ratty white dog that looked hungry. The dog stayed with his team night and day, traveling nearly 1,242 miles to the destination on Saturday at the Tibetan autonomous regional capital Lhasa. During their journey, the bike team and the dog climbed over 10 mountains.

“Quite a few members of the team stopped biking on the way to take the bus, but the dog managed to make it to the end,” Xiao Yong said.

Many of Xiaosa’s followers on Weibo asked about her health and were worried that she might have high altitude sickness in the mountains of Tibet. Her new owner Xiao Yong decided to take the dog to a pet hospital in Lhasa for an all-round physical examination. She passed with flying colors and was given the all clear to fly to her new home. In fact the veterinarian and his staff were so impressed with the story of the little dog they decided to fund her trip back home so she can be with her new owner.

There are no plans yet for a new bicycle trip but Xiaosa’s owner says he hopes that she will run from coast to coast and everywhere in between with him and they have many more adventures together. For now she will be settling into a much quieter life with Xiao Yong who is a college student in China. Hopefully the quiet life will suit her that same way her amazing run across China did.

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  1. Wow…that’s just amazing!!
    Whirlwind of Surprises

  2. Jenna Wood says:

    Halfway through I was wondering, did that poor dog get a home? So glad to hear it did- and it sounds like the dog loves to be active like it’s new owner! What a heartwarming tail! (pun intended)

  3. Kathleen says:

    That is SO cool! Amazing, thanks for sharing.

  4. What a touching story! It’s great they found each other.

  5. That’s precious. I can’t believe the dog with legs that litte didn’t get its feet hurt!

  6. That is simply amazing!!!!

  7. This story is just another example of how amazing dogs are! This, truly, was one incredible journey…wow!

  8. I love hearing positive human interest pieces that make me smile 🙂

  9. Amazing story, thank you for sharing!

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