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Most Rescues, Shelters, and Animal Societies focus on intervention. What I mean by that is that they focus their time, effort, and funds at intervening once it is already too late. Instead of offering help to struggling families to get food for their dog or medical attention. Many organizations will only step up once the situation it out of control. Once the owners have to surrender the family dog because either their kids eat or the dog eats but not both or they cannot afford to stay int heir current housing situation and the only option because of lay offs or disability they have to move into Federally Funded Housing and can’t bring the dog or can only afford a certain amount for rent each month and there is no where close enough to their child’s school and their work that allowed pets and has rent they can afford. Organizations seem to prefer to step in and criticize improper treatment of an injury or sickness because the owner could not afford to cover the medical bill yet there is no where for the owner to turn to be able to get the dog or cat the medical care it needs.

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Around the world we need to stop focusing on intervention when it comes to animals in need and switch to focus on prevention. I think that by having a country wide Dog / cat Food Bank families could receive assistance so they can keep their family pets in their home instead of turning them over to shelters and rescues. By creating a country wide dog food bank with local dog food pantries that people can go to if they can show financial need there would be a huge turn around in how many dogs end up in shelters or abandoned. By equipping the Dog Food Banks and Dog Food Pantries not only with food but basic supplies like new leashes and collars heart worm medication and flea and tick preventative along with reduced cost training or free training that is scheduled on a regular basis for the dog and their family so many less dogs would be looking for new homes. These families have so much love for their pet and desperately want to keep them as a member of their family they just need some temporary help in doing so. They need help with getting food and medical care they need help with dealing with aggression, or house training, or or just a little extra obedience so the dog stops jumping the fence or running he minute the front door is open. Some owners might need help getting their dog to the vet because they don’t own a car and the dog is not allowed on public transportation or the low cost clinic is only open while they have to be at work.

Instead of treating people who have fallen on hard times and cannot give their pet the care they wish they could. Or prosecuting the elderly because their 10 year old long haired breed is all matted because they can no longer groom their pet and don’t have the money to take the animal to the groomer. Instead of taking the dog away from the man who can no longer walk the dog due to a severe medical condition these organizations helped to build a little fenced area the dog could go potty on its own or had someone who was willing to go out once a month to keep the long haired dog trimmed and washed or offered supplies of dog food to families who needed some help so many less dogs and cats would be turned over to shelters and rescues each year.

When are we going to start focusing on prevention and not intervening once it is too late to keep pets with their family?

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  1. Great post with a subject that needs to be attended to — this is also the major issue underlying America’s healthcare system … if we move from treating the problem once it presents to preventing the problem in the first place, people will live longer and healthcare costs will greatly decrease. Prevention should be focused on in many situations, this being one that will greatly benefit our four-legged friends!

  2. This is a good concept, but I’m not sure that it’s workable. Most pet lovers are willing to help other pet lovers, but in todays economy, those who would be most willing to help are unfortunately in financial binds themselves. It may sound outlandish, but the way things are going in the U.S.A., in a decade or so the only people that will be able to afford pets are the top 3 to 5% income people. Seem crazy,,,,well you’re not paying attention to what’s going on.

  3. I agree 100% – prevention and education. So many people are unaware of just how quickly animals can reproduce, or how much responsibility they are, or over the staggering numbers of them on the streets and in shelters. We need to learn this at an early age. Of course, we will always intervene and help, but prevention is key.

  4. Pets of the Homeless is a national organization that helps feed pets in need. I am a distribution site in my area. Also some food banks, shelters and Meals on Wheels give out free pet food too.

    We live in a society that routinely throws people and animals away. Some of us want to change that.

  5. This is a good idea, maybe a program could be started with shelters. People who feel that they have to give up their pets due to financial reasons could receive help to keep them instead. Intake coordinators at shelters might be a good place to start.

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