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Poo Wifi Mexico

Terra a Mexican internet company is helping to clean up parks in Mexico City by offering free wi-fi access in exchange for dog poop. As part of their creative incentive program, in partnership with ad agency DDB Mexico, special pet waste disposal bins were installed in ten parks.

When dog owners throw bags of poop into the bin, it calculates the weight and Terra gives everyone in the park free minutes of wi-fi. Wait a minute did I just read that right? Not only does the dog owner get free Wifi but everyone in the park benefits. Seems more like a dog appreciation advocacy program to get those living in Mexico City to see dogs as having a positive role in their lives. The greater the weight, the more minutes are added so the itty bitty Chihuahua might not be making many new friends but that Great Dane or Mastiff will be making a ton of new friends whenever they go to the park. There are even hostesses nearby during the day, passing out plastic bags to dog owners.

The video is in Spanish but you could even turn off the volume and still understand the message.

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  1. Mellissa Hanks says:

    HAHA That is so cool!

  2. Love it! WOW! King being 100 pounds could probably bring me some $$!

  3. Great article- i with share it with my friends.

  4. Charlie says:

    Thanks for sharing!

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