Etsy Treasury: Dog Bowls

At we thought it would be fun to create a weekly Etsy Treasury of handmade pet products to showcase on our blog. We know that the little mom and pop shop and tiny handmade boutiques deserve as much exposure as a big company that can pay a PR person to contact us and create a relationship. Small shops probably don’t have the time to contact Bloggers to ask them for help in promoting their products and stores. They might not know how to go about contacting Bloggers or understand what the impact can be on their store.

This week we thought it would be fun to take a look at some handmade dog bowls. I am not sure I can pick a single favorite this week there are a few that I really like for different reasons.

raised dog feeder system
1. Custom Finished 6″ Tall 3-Bowl Elevated Dog Feeder with Mixed Sized Bowls the girls are getting older and they do prefer to eat out of bowls that are slightly elevated. Right now it has been on an as needed basis and I have used shoe boxes but this one is perfect because it has a place for both of their bowls and the water bowl in the center to separate them.

Spaniel Bowl

2. Everyone with Cavaliers, Cocker’s, and Irish Setters have been telling us to do a review and giveaway for Spaniel Bowls. These are bowls that are narrow at the top so that your dogs ears can’t get into the water. We use pretty small bowls already so generally there is no issue with dinner time. However their water bowl to fit any decent amount of water does see Indiana with wet ears once in a while. So I would love to try one of them. I really like this one for the colors and shape spaniel ceramic WATER bowl in pink and green

None of the Etsy sellers or products we will showcase in our weekly treasuries have paid to be included we will however be happy to do a Review or Review and Giveaway for any Etsy Seller (you can contact us but it is against Etsy rules for us to contact you).

Click through for a better view of all of the bowls and to see more handmade products by these Esty Stores.
Handmade Dog food and Water Bowls

Which one is your favorite?

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  1. I love the Spaniel Ceramic Water Bowl, us dogs should have something nice, I just got a metal one..

    BB xxx

  2. Neat idea Thanks for sharing.

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