Dog Shares Weight Loss Journey With Students

Mabel the dog

In January, Mabel, a beagle-mix who tipped the scales at 67 pounds and was undergoing a diet and exercise routine at the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Tennessee. Due to her daily exercise routine including some walking on a water treadmill used in pet physical therapy and walking around on the ground and a proper diet put together by the University of Tennessee Vet School, lead by her mom, Dr. Angela Witzel, Mabel weighs less than 50 pounds and is on her way reaching her goal of 25 pounds.

On May 11, Mabel was the guest of honor at Soldiers Memorial Middle School in Claiborne County. Students in Ms. Smith’s 7th grade had been assigned to do some research as part of Mabel’s visit. The kids had to learn about the nutritional guide of fast food restaurants, including calories. They also had to learn about pet caloric intake and how much to feed their animals.

You can follow Mabel’s weight loss journey on her Facebook page.

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