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I have decided that we are going to have a Weekly Blogging Tips post because so many of you have questions about everything from how to blog to how to continue to find content giveaways and so much more. Instead of answering just one or two of you at a time I thought it would be much more beneficial to create a weekly post.

Blog to Your Passion
You created a blog, you have started posting, you have a few followers now you really want to make something of your blog. Whether that is one post a week or one post a day you need to be passionate about what you are writing about. Yes you can blog even if you aren’t passionate about your topic you can still blog but you will find you burn out and just can’t find the time to post. Let’s say your blog is about Green Living. It is something that you believe in maybe you are even passionate about it but not everything having to do with Green Living is interesting to you. So blog about what you are interested in. Blog about that new product you just tried that you are in love with or the ways you have made your home more green. Be genuine, be honest, and show your passion.

As a dog blogger I can say there are so many niche areas within the topic that if you are passionate about your dog and about other people’s dog’s there is sure to be an area or a specific topic that you can remain passionate about. Remember that just because your Dog Blog started off in one direction does not mean you can’t branch out. Over time your interests will change or you will find a news story you want to give your opinion on go for it. If you see something fun that you think your readers will enjoy talk about it. There is no set way to go about Blogging. When you find your passion and share it with your readers things will start to click for you.

Why is it important to Blog to Your Passion
Building a following takes time, energy, and even more time. But if you are passionate about your topic and keep at it things will begin to happen. If you aren’t passionate your readers will know that and become as bored with your blog as you are. If you are passionate about your topic and have something interesting and unique to say about it then you will be successful. Create steps to your success don’t think that your blog will become an internet sensation over night if you have never blogged before. Be passionate. Have fun. Make friends. Learn and grow as a person.

Blog to Your Passion and Meet New People
Every blogger needs an audience. An audience of people who are interested in what you have to say. An audience that will see your passion and join in. The best way to find your audience is to join a Blogging community focused on your topic. You might not find one about your niche area within your broader topic but that is ok. If you blog about Dogs and Green Living a community about dogs or pets in general would be welcoming and a great place to hang out and meet people. That is what the Pet Bloggers Blog Hop is all about. Meeting people and getting to know that even when we are not at Blogging Events. It’s a way to stay connected find out about the hot topics, learn blogging tips and tricks, and to just have fun and be yourself. Being a part of a community not only brings in new readers but allows you to work together with other bloggers that are passionate about your topic.

How do you Blog to your Passion?

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  1. Cavaliers Corner says:

    Just in tme! I love blogging about my dogs but want to branch out to include my love of organizing and more so my love of cross-stitch. Pretty diverse right? I love to read blogs on all three topics…how to make that work….well, we’ll see. Thanks for the inspiration to give it a go. Will look forward to further tips here.

  2. Mellissa Hanks says:

    I have discovered that when I blog what I love and know people like it more :O) thanks for the great post.

  3. I totally agree with this. Blogging about something you enjoy and are passionate about makes it SO much easier to come up with good topics and content. Plus, your readers get to learn more about you as well as from you in those posts.

  4. Great post Felissa! I totally agree..I think I would have given up a while ago if it weren’t for having some passion about my blog! Great tip!
    Thank you!

  5. I couldn’t agree more. I stated my fashion blog as an outfit of the day blog because that was what I thought needed to happen to be a fashion blogger. But over the years I realized I want to write how-tos and offer tips. Slowly my blog morphed to include much more than OOTD posts and it’s because I’m letting my passions rule the content I create. It’s been so much more rewarding since I started doing that. – Katy

  6. First, sometimes, you have to figure out what your passion is. You might start a blog with one thought, and then it evolves it something totally different. I have just started to find my passion after 2+ years of blogging. If you can find it earlier..it sure makes it all easier!

  7. Having two blogs (one of which I’ve become less passionate about recently), I agree that blogging to your passion is important. Not only does it keep you blogging regularly, but it keeps what you’re writing fun and interesting for readers, both of which are really important. When the passion is gone, blogging becomes a chore, and at that point, there isn’t one.

    As a newer style blogger, I’ve been trying to tie my passions relating to style, shopping, and fashion-related stuff into SSC. It’s been a challenge, because I feel like I’m still finding my bloggy voice, but that’s part of the fun of it I think.

    Great post!

  8. My background is journalist – different time, different country, different language
    Blogging is me finding again what I loved to do. I just realized it recently when several different sources called me a journalist

  9. I used to blog about too many of my passions and it was too random, so I narrowed it down!

  10. If you are not passionate about what you blog about it will show through. I love nothing more than reading a post where you can tell the person just loves blogging and what they are blogging about!

  11. I think I blog about many topics but it comes down to many mom topics. I love my blog as well as yours too:)

  12. Great article! I was reading through some of my first blog posts the other day. I started out with such a wide variety of topics. Over the course of two years, I have narrowed it down to the few topics I love the most.

    On another note, I completely recommend finding a blogging community you can participate in. I am naturally shy, so it took me a while to find somewhere I felt comfortable. Now I love being part of a group!

  13. Jenna Wood says:

    I started my blog to share a little bit of retrospective wit and humor from my childhood, and still try to incorporate a bit of ‘Momma’ into every post. I find, it is quite therapeutic- AND on product posts, it helps the readers connect with the product, as opposed to seeming like an ad!

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