Pit Bull Protects Family During Break In

Kilo the Pit Bull

Kilo the 12 year old Pit Bull was home with his family when robbers stormed into the house with guns drawn. Kilo tried to protect his family and took a bullet in the process. The robbers shot the dog but they left without harming the family or taking any of their possessions. Kilo was badly injured by the bullet he took protecting his family.

His owner who has raised him since he was a puppy to be a loving family dog thought he was going to die in his arms after his final act of love. Miraculously the bullet was not fatal even though it entered his body in one location and exited out of his neck. Kilo was taken to a vet and was treated for his wounds. The vet is hopefully that Kilo will be protecting his family again soon as he should make a complete recovery. Until he does though Kilo was eating steak all weekend as a thank you from his owner for saving them from something that could have ended much worse.

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  1. wonderful story. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Karen Schlabach says:

    Great job by a wonderful dog..

  3. Wow, great story!!! Does Kilo have a place at the dinner table now?

  4. A. Ward says:

    Interesting…… Myself and 3 babies ( 2 Maltese and 1 Cavalier) were all attacked, mauled and seriously injured in Sunday March 25th. We are struggling to recover from all the physical, mental and emotional wounds. One of my Maltese (little girl) was so badly mauled that she stayed 5 days in the hospital, had 3 emergency surgeries and suffered intense muscle & tissue damage in her abdomen, a shattered pelvis ( 3 severe breaks & 2 fractures) and numerous other bites over her body. My Cavalier was also mauled bur less severely than Francesca. I too was attacked & mauled.
    So forgive me if in not impressed with a pitbull saving a family. One almost ended mine only a week ago

  5. A. Ward – I am sorry that you and your dogs were attacked, but to jump on this story and pit bull bash is bad form. This story is about a completely different dog who did absolutely nothing to you and your pets. In fact, this dog put its life on the line for her peeps. I find that a great story.

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