First Exam Free at Banfield Pet Hospitals

Banfield Pet Hospital

You know those usually annoying ads that are on the side of the page or top of the page when you are checking your email. Those ones you generally ignore? Today for some reason I didn’t ignore the ad and it was actually something interesting. Interesting enough that I not only clicked on it but wanted to share with all of you. Banfield Pet Hospitals across the US offer their first exam FREE of charge for your pet. I am not exactly sure what is included in the exam but even if you have to pay for extras like vaccinations or fecal tests your starting cost is still lower which means you are saving money. This is great especially if your pet has already had all of their vaccinations for the year and just needs an exam and fecal in order to get your summer Heart Worm medication.

Banfield Pet Hospitals are located in many local PetSmart Stores which means there is probably a location close to you.
Click the link to fill out the form in order to receive your coupon for a free vet visit.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I’m definitely going to take advantage of this offer. 🙂

    -Courtney P.

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