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Nordic Naturals

Pet Cod Liver Oil from Nordic Naturals
Traditionally, Norwegians have used cod liver oil for the nourishing and healing benefits of omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA and the naturally occurring vitamins A and D. This tradition has been carried forward by Nordic Naturals Pet Cod Liver Oil products.

Nordic Naturals Pet Cod Liver Oil provides your pet companion with an excellent source of DHA and EPA with the naturally occurring vitamin A. Nordic Naturals Pet Cod Liver Oil is derived exclusively from the livers of wild Arctic Cod (Skei) from Arctic Norway.

Pet Cod Liver Oil

Davinia and Indiana have been using their Omega-3 Pet Softgels every other day for about a week now and I can already see a change in their coat. It is shinier and much healthier looking then before I started to give it to them. Their breath does not smell like fish and they both seem to really like it. The first time i gave it to them Indiana ate the softgel right out of my hand while Davinia preferred it in her food. Since then I have just been putting it in their food and they both save it till last and make sure I know they are eating it.

This product is safe for both dogs and cats and a great way to make sure you pet is getting healthy fat in its diet. The winner will be sent directions for giving it to your pet according to the type of animal and size of your pet.

Nordic Naturals Pet Products

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  1. Deidra B. says:

    Gosh, there are many things. We feed them non-grain food and treats. Make sure that they get the monthly heartworm, flea/tick medication, brush their teeth, give them bathes, and take the to the vet for annual checkups and shots. Exercise! We want to ensure that our four-legged furry children are with us for a long, long time.

  2. Jessica S says:

    We give him his monthly and annual meds of course. Play with him everyday for excersize and make sure his diet is filled with good foods (even his treats are good for him! really I should pay as much attention to my diet lol). Baths… oh geeze lots of stuff that I’m probably overlooking

  3. carol lewis says:

    Exercise him and also give him our eggs from our chickens and a verry good quality food.

  4. I give my kitty good food, vitamins, and make sure she gets all her shots and preventative measures…and brush her and love her every day. 🙂

  5. JR Pickett (Vicki Vix) says:

    Neat giveaway. Thanks. To ensure my dogs health I give them a combination of home-cooked meals and ultra premium dog food. They take cod-liver or fish oil, sometimes hemp oil instead. And they don’t eat anything I won’t or can’t taste.

  6. Heather Johnson says:

    I take my dog for walks and feed him organic food.

  7. Mellissa Hanks says:

    We make sure they are fed, loved, and get preventative health care :O)

  8. I make sure they eat good, and get excercise.

  9. I make sure I feed them properly, and let them get plenty of exercise each day.

  10. Keisa Rogers says:

    We feed them healthy foods,fresh water everyday,lots of outside play time,baths and vet checkups.

  11. exercise, good eating and lots of love 🙂

  12. Jude Skocki Kelly says:

    they never get any artificial meat products (puparoni, snausages, ect)

  13. We always gave them their Heart worm medicine.

  14. We have our dog on high-end food that has a high Glucosamine/Chondroitin level, as well as give her a supplement every day with more of the same–she has some slight knee issues and I want to prevent them from getting worse. I also make sure she has fresh water every morning and evening, and she gets lots of exercise (especially in spring, summer, and fall when it’s nice enough to walk outside and go to the park). She also gets a rawhide stick every evening to help keep her teeth clean, and has a ton of toys and chew toys to keep her occupied throughout the day. She also sleeps with us–her pack–which seems to really keep her happy 🙂

  15. We provide our kitty the good nutrition intended for him along with lots of love and attention.

  16. We don’t have any animals but we take my sisters dog for walks.

  17. I take my dog for walks

  18. well my og kind get his shots every year and then see the groomer at least 4 times a year and t hen he get khis teeth brush 3 time week

  19. michele zeller says:

    my pet gets regular check-ups with the vet, and we follow what he recommends.

  20. My pets get regular physicals, dental cleanings, and I brush their teeth.

  21. I do anything I ca do to ensure my pugs health.

  22. alyce poalillo says:

    I feed my kitties the best food and supplements I can to keep them healthy

  23. Michelle Spayde says:

    I try to do the very best for my pets, and am constantly researching food, Veterinary care, etc.

  24. Kathy Ross says:

    Make sure he always has water, esp in the summer. And we feed him good food, not the cheap stuff with fillers.

  25. Lots of excercise and love!

  26. tami husak says:

    i make sure they are up to date of shots

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