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There are so many online pet supply stores that pop up each day each competing to have the biggest and most complete inventory on the web. You have your specialty stores that only provide organic products or those that only provide extremely high end boutique items. On the other side of the spectrum you have your fully loaded online sites with thousands and thousands of items from pet food to pet toys and treats. Then you have your giant discount sites that offer either free shipping or products at a fraction of the cost of their competitors. What is rare is to find a store that offers it all that is proud of its family owned status or can keep its family owed status while keeping up with the big guys. Let’s face it most of the bigger online stores are run by a corporation that is all about the bottom line and haven’t been in business all that long.

rain boots

So how do you choose which site is right for you? Is there something that you wish these stores carried but they don’t so you either need to run around town to find the item or you just forget about it completely. For me those items are not necessarily for the dogs its easy enough to find them raincoats and winter jackets at almost all of the online pet stores but what about for myself? If I have to place an order anyway and the online pet supply store offers free shipping why do I need to find the item at another online store that doesn’t offer free shipping. Plus finding these items online you are more likely to find ones that care more about fashion then function. Personally when I am stepping in a puddle of water in need to walk on muddy ground I prefer a rain boot made to work and can be rinsed off in the sink or bathtub and left out to dry instead of getting ruined.

car pod

For me it is about products that are well made and have a function that meets a need that I have. Since we live so close to their grandparent’s we left a crate at their house for the girls to use when they go there to visit. That also means that I no longer need to lug their big crate into the car each time we go somewhere or leave it in the car full time. The only other car appropriate thing they have now is their carrying bag which is fine for a short trip to the vet or to the park but not for the hour drive in the summer heat to grandma and grandpa’s house. It is rare to find a nice pet travel product that is fairly priced in this category but I think that this store has done just that.

hamster cage

Plus for those of you who have a pet other then a cat or dog I know how difficult it is for you to find what you need in a store not to mention online. Where do you go to find enrichment toys for your horse? Would you be thrilled to find out you can purchase it at the same store you purchased the items for your dog or cat? Not only do they carry food, toys, grooming equipment but they also carry items for you as the owner and rider. Talk about one stop shopping.

horse treat ball

What would you say if I told you I found the store that meets all of your needs and has been around for 100 years? Meet G.J.W. Titmuss one of the UK’s leading family owned wildlife and pet feed suppliers established over 100 years!

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of G.J.W. Titmuss in order to promote brand awareness and their extensive product line. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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