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For over 450 animals and their carers at two NGO rescue centers in Thailand. Elephant Nature Park and Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand the place they have called home for years was are simultaneously raided by officials from the Department of National Parks (DNP) and animals forcefully removed. The two Sanctuaries where raided as a form of payback after it was uncovered and relayed around the world that high ranking government officials were complacent in the recent slew of elephants found killed around the country. The DNP claim that the two Sanctuary’s did not have their paperwork in order and were therefore illegally harboring wild animals on their premises. An accusation both organizations can prove is not true as they filmed themselves showing the paperwork from the government on all of the animals in their care. Let’s say that some paper work was not filed properly or somethign was out of order the proper response from the government should have been to send a warning or letter and maybe go and visit the facility to make sure the animals were being cared for properly and that they looked healthy.
Instead the reaction was to go and forcefully remove the animals one by one by chasing them down in their enclosures and knocking them off of their climbing trees onto the hard ground below so they could catch them on a pole with a net on the end.
In one case they almost killed a Macaque after knocking it off the outer wall of its enclosure and into a barrel full of water where the primate sunk to the bottom and couldn’t get out on its own. Other primates who were not as lucky or as fast movers were cornered and their tails grabbed so they couldn’t get away and then roughly pushed into rusty metal containers with no food or water for their hours long journey to state run zoo’s.
Not only are they confiscating animals but they don’t even care which animals they take. Their capture methods are so ridiculous and incompetent that since Tuesday they have only managed to capture a small portion of the animals they have been threatening to take. Their methods however are injuring or potentially injuring the animals they do manage to capture and are not allowing sanctuary veterinarians or anyone qualified to examine these animals for injury they are inflicting. When volunteers point out that the primates they have managed to capture have no water and are sitting in rusty crates in the hot sun someone tries to give a juvenile animal water from a bottle by pouring it at the cage but can’t get it into the animals mouth because he is too frightened. I say juvenile because in the video one of the volunteers tries to point out its mother to him in a crate above and diagonal from his. The volunteers can do little more then look on as the dozens of government officials some armed with giant weapons intimidate them into not getting near the animals.
A little background for those of you who are interested. Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand has been in existence since 2001 all of the animals at WFFT have been rescued from illegal and inhumane captive situations. According to volunteers at the organization they have evidence for each and every animal and it is the task of the DEPARTMENT OF NATIONAL PARKS in the first place to make sure these animals never ended up in captivity. The mission of WFFT is to move the animals from sub-standard and horrible conditions to a place with a safe, clean, spacious and natural environment, giving them a chance to live a better life.
How you can help the plight of the animals that were in the care of Wildlife Fiends Foundation Thailand:

 Watch the videos they are graphic but will give you an understanding of what is going on in Thailand right now. They do however contain adult language and abuse against the animals.
Share this post via Facebook, Twitter, and Email with your friends so they can learn about what is going on and have the information about what they can do in order to help stop this and try to have the animals returned to the Sanctuaries.
Write to the Thai Embassy
Royal Thai Embassy,
1024 Wisconsin Ave., N.W.
Washington D.C. 20007
Tel. (202) 944-3600
Fax. (202) 944-3611
[email protected]
His Excellency Mr Kitti Wasinondh
Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary
Royal Thai Embassy
29-30 Queen’s Gate
[email protected]

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  1. Thank you for helping to educate the world about what is happening at WFFT at this very moment. I hope your readers will help.

  2. Thanks for hosting these Saturdays. Have a wonderful time at Global Expo!

  3. Wow that is so sad! I can’t believe they are doing this. Thanks for this post and educating about what is going on in the world!

  4. thanks for sharing this important story

  5. What a great and important story to share. The world needs to be aware of what’s going on.It’s sad they are doing this. Sharing some comment love!

  6. Thank you for sharing this story, I’ve shared it and added the organization to my Charities page. It’s so sad what they are dealing with right now! (

  7. My Cavalier, Ta’Loula, and I thank you for posting these awful events by the corrupt DNP. I hope the Huffinton Post will pick this up – or anyone reading this can ask them to report these intimidating raids [email protected]

  8. Marvelous website, thank You !!

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